Sunday 19 February 2012

Blog Swap Day 6

Day 6.  It's a bit sad because tomorrow is my last day of getting presents.  But, I'm not sad about today's gift.  Today's gift is a pattern, which was one of the compulsory elements of the swap.

I opened a card with knitted cables on the front and read my message from Marie.  In keeping with her whole swap she wanted to give me a pattern from a New York designer.  She obviously spent ages going through my favourites and she found three designers that I had favourited in the past: Melissa Wehrle and Jared Flood then she also added in Michele Wang.

Now I love these three designers and would have been happy to receive a pattern by any of them, but Jared Flood has a special place in my heart.  Jared aka Brooklyn Tweed is the designer of one of the first patterns I bought from Ravelry, Porom.  I knit it in December 2008.  It was a lovely hat

Porom Hat

Looking at that photo makes me all nostalgic.  January 2009 is when that photo was taken and I was such a new knitter and blogger then, not to mention pretty rubbish at photography!  Jared Flood's blog really inspired me back when I first saw it.  He is such a great photographer and his blog was clean and simple with elegant and fun photography.  I wanted to blog like Brooklyn Tweed!  I later realised that I shouldn't aim to blog like anyone else.  Blogging is about finding your own voice, but learning from other bloggers is definitely a wise thing to do!  So I set about trying to improve my photography, which as you know is still a work in progress!

So after deciding that I really wanted a Jared Flood pattern I looked at the list of patterns that Marie gave me to choose from and narrowed my choice down to two patterns that I really love; Rock Island and Leaves of Grass.  I suppose it is hardly surprising that I would choose two lace shawls as my main choices, as I have been a bit obsessed with them lately.

I have yarn for both patterns, but I decided I really wanted to try a full circular shawl using Elizabeth Zimmermann's Pi construction.  The thing that cinched my choice for me was that the Leaves of Grass pattern is knit in 4 Ply to give a slightly heavier shawl, doubled over to use as a half circle, it will make it a lovely warm shawl.

I sent my request to Marie and I now have the pattern printed out and ready to go!

Package 06.jpg

I have already chosen my yarn too. It's actually a 3-Ply or light fingering weight, that is 80% wool and 20% alpaca.  It is a natural shade and is is pretty soft but with a nice bounce to it, which should mean it will block nicely.

Forsell Natural

I'm really excited about this yarn and pattern combination, and I probably would never have bought the pattern, and the yarn would have been used for something else.  This swap has motivated me to do this (after I do my Lily's Slice of Pi Shawl KAL!)

I had so much fun working out which pattern I was going to choose.  It was great of Marie to go to all that trouble of slogging her way through my favourites list.  Once more, she has proved to be a fantastic swapper.  I'm such a lucky blogger :-)


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