Friday 6 January 2012

Not the advertised post...

I'm afraid I can't keep my promise, of Wednesday, to do a big woolly Winter Warmer reveal.  It's not that it isn't finished, because it is.  My broken promise is a result of breaking myself yesterday by being silly.  By being silly, I mean trying to work my through my massive pile of craft magazines, ripping out patterns and articles I want to keep and recycling the left overs.  I also found new homes for mountains of yarn tucked behind the sofa.  This was silly because I didn't listen to my body telling me to stop.  I felt the twinges and I ignored them.  I went into my old "get everything done NOW" mode that I had before I was ill, when I could push through fatigue and pain and just get the job DONE.  I can't do that now.  I forgot.  I now hurt LOTS.  I blame my horrid colds and coughs.  They laid me low for several weeks so I forgot how to pace myself, because I wasn't doing anything except laying in bed surrounded by empty tissue boxes, feeling sorry for myself.

All this means that I can't face taking photos today.  It requires too much standing and bending for this broken body, I'm afraid.  So instead I bring you a couple of FOs from my Christmas gifting pile.  The ones I didn't share because I thought they might be revealing too much.  The first FO is a fake fur stole that I stitched.

Mum's Stole 03

I gave one to my mother and one to my mother-in-law.  Both of them thought they were shop bought.  They couldn't comprehend that this was something that could be handmade.  I think it was because the fur was so opulent.

Mum's Stole 01

This was my first time sewing with fur.  It was a learning experience!  I followed the tips given on BurdaStyle and it went fine.  I won't say it was quick or easy, but it worked.  Pulling out all the trapped strands of fur using a knitting needle was strangely addictive though!  I think it was a very successful experiment, especially when you consider I have quite a big chunk of the fur and the lining left.  I'm wondering what to do with it - maybe a fur lined muff?  I shall have to ponder.  It's not like it's going to go off or anything.

Secondly, I have a bag that I felted at the same time as making my felted slippers.  In fact it was the same wool.  I bought the skeins on eBay for a song, basically it was like buying the three skeins half price.  I knew I needed one skein for the slippers and I searched for a pattern for the two remaining skeins.  I found the perfect one, in the shape of the Woolly Bully Bag by Lori Puthoff.  This pattern is lovely and a bit different, with garter stitch and stocking stitch combining to give lovely curved edges.  It is also free!

Here is the bag after being felted, and then dried while stuffed with shaping materials.

By the way, that table top ironing board has saved my body so much pain.  It is light and easy to get out and put away and when it sits on my table, it is the perfect height.

I really liked the finished bag and was all set to use it myself when I realised that the strap was just too short for me to wear it messenger bag style.  I don't use bags that just sit on my shoulder, very often.  It's because they always slip off, and when you are using a walking stick or rollator it's hard to shove the strap back to where it belongs.  So, after sobbing that I wouldn't be using this bag, I thought about who else might want it.  Maybe someone who is shorter than me - maybe a child.  Then I thought about my step-niece, H.  H, is 7 years old and quite a girly girl.  She likes pink but it is being eased into the purple by my sister-in-law.  Then I found the perfect fabric to line the bag, especially if being lined for a 7 year old girl.

Heather's Bag 02

I love this fabric.  More importantly, H did too!  I was stitching the lining in on the 27th of December, the day before we were due to do our "in-law's Christmas".  I had left it so late because of being ill.  I was determined to get it finished though, and I am so glad I did, because it finished the bag off perfectly.  Changing it from a funky bag, to a funky bag for a 7 year old.

Heather's Bag 01

H, seemed to love it a lot. Apparently my sister-in-law does too!  H, immediately put her stuffed toy in the bag and carried it up to bed with her at the end of the night.  I think it will be useful for the little girl who has everything!

Heather's Bag 03

I am almost tempted to try the pattern again but on with the yarn held double on bigger needles.  It is such a lovely shape.

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