Friday 18 November 2011

A Pixie Hat For Me

I know I said on Wednesday that I had been only working on a test knit, well that might have been a touch misleading.  You see, I had a sudden urge to knit a hat.  I LOVE hats.  I love wearing them, I love knitting them, and as you can see from pattern list, I love designing them too.  This time I didn't want to design a hat, I wanted to just knit a hat, without worring about stitch counts etc.  So I turned to my favourite hat designer, WoollyWormhead.

This hat designer is very clever indeed.  She thinks up interesting, cute and quirky hat designs and writes the patterns in a vast range of sizes.  The hat I chose to knit was from her latest book, Bambeanies.  I decided to buy a single pattern, rather than the whole collection, as I haven't finished working through Twisted Woolly Toppers, which I bought last year.  I know I should have knit a hat from the book I already had, but this pattern is soooo adorable, I had to knit it NOW.  The pattern in question is Quynn.

I have only managed to get one photo, so far of my lovely new hat, because the light is so awful at the moment I can't fit the camera tripod between myself and the light source.  So here it is:


I'm sure at some point I will get better photos, but I do love it in all it's pixie, pointy, ear warming cosiness.  I ended up knitting this twice, the first time at the suggested gauge, which was a little bit snug.  I then actually looked at the size of my head and realised that the largest size on the pattern was for a 20" head and my head is approximately 22"!  So I went up a needle size and voila!  A hat that fits.  The fabric isn't as dense as was intended by the designer, but I like it like this.

The yarn is BabyLongLegs Radiance Aran in the Stingray colourway. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know about my love off all things BabyLongLegs.  I am about to share with you two more reasons I LOVE this very talented artist.

BabyLongLegs Semi-Precious 4 Ply "Plump"

This is the gloriousness that is Semi-Precious in "Plump".  This divine 4 ply yarn has to be one of my favourite bases of all time, it is 50% Merino, 50% Silk.  I knitted both the Precious Correspondent and the Purple Travelling Woman in this yarn.  I just love it.  When  you take this marvellous base yarn and then add this wonderful colour, I am lost!  When I saw this yarn on preview I HAD to get it.  Then as I was already shopping and there was a teeny discount, I bought some more yarn.  Ooops!

BabyLongLegs Merino Sock "Yoda"

This is another sock yarn (or 4 ply) in 100% Merino, this time.  The colourway is Yoda, which is a name I adore.

Neither of these photos do the yarns justice.  When I showed them to my knitting group yesterday I nearly lost the yarns to their covetousness.  I think that shows the beauty of a yarn, when they nearly disappear into a friend's handbag!

To look at better photos of finished projects, I suggest you click on one of the links below.  Hopefully some of the posters will live in sunnier climes than I!


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