Sunday 6 November 2011

Pages in My Blog

I haven't looked at the stats on my blog in ages.  This is because over the last few months I have been spending rather more time, than I care for, looking internally, instead of externally.  I am starting to come out of my little cave, and thought "I wonder what has happened to my stats whilst my mind has been elsewhere?".

Surprise, surprise, my page views have gone down.  I think this is because I haven't been posting as much, so I've had fewer monthly page views.  This is all very obvious, but I noticed something that I hadn't seen before.  There is a section that shows which of my blog pages is the most popular.  I have never seen that before!  It's quite interesting.

My Current Page Statistics

Downloads - 1022
Biography - 934
Tutorials - 750
Blogs I Read - 519
Gallery - 298
Weekly Photo Challenge 2011 - 247
My Inspiration - 237
Recommended Books - 215

The top figures were what I expected; Downloads, Biography and Tutorials are all high on the list.  The two pages that did surprise me, were Gallery and My Inspiration.  As so few of you have clicked on these pages, I decided I would explain a little about what they are, and why they are on my blog.

Gallery, is exactly what it sounds like.  It is the page that shows all my completed craft projects.  The photos are divided into categories so you can have a look at the areas that interest you.  The albums are in date order so you can see my work develop and my photography improve!

I recently updated this page, to improve the quality of the photographs and to include all my most recent work.  This new format will mean new projects will be automatically included on this page, as they are finished.

My Inspiration, is actually one of my favourite areas of the blog.  This page shows all the new and interesting links I find around the Internet.  I share these links on the My Inspiration page, not only because you might find them interesting, but also to record the ideas in a central place, for me to find at a later date.  The page sometimes take a little bit of time to load, as it comes from Posterous, which is an external site.  All the links are tagged with the subject and you can search using these, or by typing in something more specific.

The links I post on the My Inspiration page are also shared on my Facebook Page.  If you "Like" me on Facebook, either by checking out my page and clicking the "Like" button at the top, or by clicking the "Like" button below, or to the right of this blog post, you will receive these links as well as links to all my new blog posts.

I hope that this hasn't felt too much like a sales pitch, but I really hope that more of you will have a look at these two pages, because you might like them!


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