Tuesday 18 October 2011

Universal Craft Blog Directory

One of the bloggers I follow has had an excellent idea.  CraftyRie has suggested that we find out how many craft blogs are out there!  I think it is a gargantuan task, and a little bit impressive that she has undertaken this.  In order to show my support I have listed my blog on her list, and invite you do the same.  It won't take long.  If you have a craft blog, go and enter your blog details.

But, here is the clever bit, you then invite your blog readers to do the same!  See, isn't that smart?  This way the directory reaches a wide audience pretty quickly and we all get to see how many crafty blogs are out there, and maybe discover new ones that we have missed in our own meanderings through cyberspace.

So go on, take a couple of minutes to link up and compose a blog post.  Let's see how big this directory can get!  Click on the button to go to the directory post.



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