Wednesday 5 October 2011

A Little Gift to Myself

I decided to treat myself this week.  I have been knitting lace for the last month or so, and though I love my KnitPro Options, they do snag a little on the cable join, when knitting with laceweight.  To help with this tiny inconvenience I decided to treat myself to some Addi Lace needles.  I got 3.75mm and 4mm, with a 100cm cable, which seem to be my most needed needles for lace.  Then I realised that I was starting to get a few circular needles that weren't KnitPro Options.  Storage was becoming an issue.  I had been using a cheap CD wallet, but that had started falling apart.  So I finally decided to get my first Namaste purchase.

It's the circular needle wallet.  This colour is Aubergine, but it is a much deeper colour than this photo shows.  I ordered it from Tangled Yarn.  It was the first time I'd used the store, but I loved getting my purchase from there.  Postage was free on this item and it came wrapped up in tissue paper, with a postcard from the store.  The Namaste box was lovely as well.  It felt like I was receiving a present.

Now I have all my fixed circulars labelled and stored away safely.  Every time I look at my gift to myself, it makes me smile a little.

I didn't get to use them on my shawl pattern as  I have finished and blocked it!  I will share photos of it on Friday.  In the meantime I am trying to finalise the pattern so I can get it tested.  The pattern seems to be getting larger and larger every time I look at finishing it.  I guess that is the scale differential caused by fear!

Apart from the shawl I've been chugging away on my blanket.  I have managed to knit together five rows of blocks.  Now all I have to do is knit these rows to each other.

I wasn't sure about the joining method of three needle bind off at first, but I have decided that I like the way the join looks.

It creates as sort of trough between the blocks which makes each block separate from the next, like a quilt, which is the basis for the design.

From the back, the join looks like the i-cord which will be going around the edge!  This method also keeps the blocks at more or less their original size. 

I am a bit nervous about joining the rows together as they are so vast.  The pattern only has three blocks in each row, whereas I have five.

So while there isn't much to report knitting wise, there will be other stuff to look at, if you click the button below.  There are some amazing craftspeople taking part in the link up.


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