Sunday 17 July 2011

Pretty in Pink (and grey)

I finished the new Daybreak Shawl on Thursday.  I should have taken photos on Friday and done a FO Friday post.  However, there was a slight problem with that.  I went to my knitting group on Thursday afternoon.  I sat in the sun for all of 20-30 mins and got a very very pink face.  I could have taken shots of the shawl without it being worn, but then that wouldn't have given any idea of scale.  Plus, I did that with the last Daybreak I knit.  I felt I owed it to my project pages to show this shawl being modelled.  As a result, I had to wait until today to get photos of my face without having to pixelate it out!  So, without further ado, I present the pink and grey Daybreak Shawl.

I don't think I will every tire of this particular pattern.  It is so simple to knit but it has enough interest to keep you captivated.  I may, one day, even knit it in solid yarns to see whether that draws me on as much as the long colour changes do.

This shawl is larger than the last one I knit.  I think my knitting has become looser, this meant that instead of the purely grey edging, I had to use pink yarn for the last repeat of the border pattern.  I think it looks fine.

I used my new tripod for taking these photos and it makes a massive difference to the stability of the shots.  I feel much less hassled, because I know the tripod won't fall over when I press the button to start the timer.  As this is a full sized tripod I can position it anywhere in the garden rather than just standing by the table by the Summer house.  This gives me greater flexibility on the time of day I can take photographs outdoors.  My Gorillapod is great for taking out and about, but this big tripod is going to be so useful at home.

Going back to my knitting, I feel unadventurous using the same brand of yarn for both versions of this shawl. After having such a great result with the first shawl, I knew I wanted to keep using this lovely soft and light material.  I knew I wouldn't be bored with two shawls in the same yarn, as there is such variety in each colourway, it is impossible to get bored.  It is also a great weight to have as a shawl.  Lang Jawoll Magic is a 3-ply or light fingering weight, which keeps it light enough to wear on a sunny day, but warm enough to stop shivering on a cooler evening.

Having one shawl in warm tones and one is cooler tones will hopefully mean I can wear one version of this shawl, on most occasions.  I really do love the semi-circular shape so much.

I mean, what's not to like?


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