Wednesday 27 July 2011

More WPC 2011 Photos

As I am trying to keep on track with the Weekly Photo Challenge, now that I'm back in the swing of things, I have been taking photos without thinking about my crafting.  I have been forgetting to photo my knitting for weekly blog posts and though crafting is going on, I have no record of progress to show you.  I have, however, got the photos from last week and this week to share with you.

Last week, Week 29, had Orange as it's theme.  This actually turned out to be a pretty straight forward theme for me as we have some orange lilies in our garden.  I waited until the right moment and took my tripod out to take my shot.  It only took 4 or 5 shots to get one I liked and I'm pretty pleased with that.  I envisaged the photo in my head and then I waited until I had the right weather conditions and took the photo.  I'm so glad I didn't have to go further than the garden to get it though!

I really wanted to get the flower after the rain, with some drops of water on the curved petals, but have it bathed in sunlight to get the rich pop of colour.  This photo is one of the first ones I have ever taken that turned out the way I expected.

This week's theme was Texture.  This theme left me a little more stumped.  I didn't really have anything in mind except to wander around the garden (again) snapping random objects that had interesting textures.  Because I didn't have anything specific in mind I ended up with 4 photos that I found interesting.

This is our chiminea that has rusted beautifully, as we don't have a cover for it.  I love the battered nature of this object and the curve of the lid highlighted by the green grass blurred behind it makes it interesting.  I love this shot, but it doesn't sing "texture" to me.

The next three shots were all of the same wooden table.  This rickety table, which is actually three slabs of wood nailed together, was left by the house's previous owners.  We keep it because it is useful for barbeques and it doesn't really get in the way, but we don't take care of it either.  This has left it with exposed and battered areas that were perfect for this subject.

I find this photo interesting, but it is less about texture and more about splinters!

I think this photo is more visually interesting that the one above, even though it is of exactly the same part of the table.  I find it a little unsettling, as though I am about to tip over.  It is an interesting photo and I considered long and hard before choosing the next photo for my submission.

This photo kept pulling me back and so I chose it.    It shows the pits and the cracks that have become a part of the wood over the years.  This photograph shows exactly how the surface feels when you run your hand across it.  The surface is not uniform, but it still isn't rough to the touch. This photograph is about nothing more than the texture of the wooden surface of the table, and that is why I chose it.

Next week's theme is Small.  Hmmm, we have lots of ants in our garden at the moment.....


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