Monday 6 June 2011

WPC 2011 Catch Up

Do you remember when I used to add photographs to the album on the Weekly Photo Challenge page?  Yes, it was some time ago.  I have only just started to get my head into the photographing place again after the surgery and the pain build up felt before.  I feel like I am finally getting to a place where I can think of something other than my regular craft blogging and step outside the front door again, with my camera in hand.

I always stated that I would try and catch up with the missed weeks.  That is probably going to be an additional challenge in itself.  I'm not necessarily going to force myself to keep to the order the photographs were listed in.  I am going to try and do at least one additional photograph a week on top of the current week's subject.

This weekend I was lucky enough to attend a lovely wedding in Dorset.  It was glorious weather and I was inspired to get snapping once more.  As this was such a beautiful location I was inspired to take several photographs on top of the current subject.  Here they are, in the order they were listed.

Week 15 - Movement

This subject was one that scared me.  I had never tried to actually capture a blurring and moving photograph, on purpose before.  Shutterboo, recommended,
"Slow down your shutter speed.  Try a darker setting.  Pull out your tripod.  Experiment with panning.  Shoot from above.  Shoot from below.  Just push yourself – you’ll be more satisfied in the end."
So I finally found the darker setting and decided to take the photo in the car as we twisted and turned our way down the byways of Dorset and Somerset.  I liked this photograph the best, as I think your eyes are pulled forward to where the light from the headlights fades away.  I also like how the sky is still slightly lit up on this Summer evening, that didn't have a cloud in the sky.  I really want to try again now I have worked out the camera settings to use for movement.  It could be fun!

Week 17 - Rural

Capturing the Rural photograph was quite tricky for me, as I have to rely on others to take me to the countryside.  For the last few months I wasn't keen on getting a car for any length of time, even to get to the green parts of the country.  This weekend in rural Dorset and Somerset gave me ample opportunities to snap the countryside.  This photograph, for me, was the most pleasing and it also captured what I wanted it to.  Everyone has this chocolate box image, in their heads, of what rural England looks like.  It's full of green rolling fields with blue skies and the odd fluffy sheep.  While this is a stereotypical image, it has become a stereotype for a reason, these parts of the country exist.  However, rural England is mainly working farmland.  There are ugly cow sheds, brown fields, where they are laying fallow, and tatty hedgerows.  Trees are few and far between because when they take up space in fields, the combine harvesters have to circle round them and space is wasted.

I like how this picture shows the green fields, the blue sky and fluffy clouds, as well as the ugly cowsheds and the encroaching suburban gardens.  This is the reality of rural England.

Week 22 - Brown

Brown really wasn't a very inspiring subject.  Even the word sounds boring.  Then I saw this shed at my in-laws.  I loved how the brown paint had started to fade to an almost grey finish.  The peeling paint emphasised the grain of the wood beneath.

I really like the perspective on this shot, with the grey and brown gravel beneath the shed and the flash of green in the background to lift the eye as it follows the planks of wood.

Week 23 - Open

This is the shot I took for this week's subject.  I'm so happy to be back on the correct week of the challenge.  This photo, like the Rural photo, was taken at Sherborne Castle.  This was  the location for the wedding photographs and the champagne and cream scones that we consumed on picnic blankets (so English at this goth wedding!).

I loved the colour of the golden stones at this location. When sunlight hits the stone it glows.  But this photo looks from the dark side of the wall through the open archway to the brightly lit courtyard.  The arch frames the lovely Lila, who ran around with trays and drinks looking after everyone.  This young woman certainly deserved her quiet moment in the sunshine. 

I hope to catch up more of the WPC 2011 photos over the next couple of months.  The ones I have left to capture are:

Week 14 - Circle
Week 16 - Simple
Week 18 - Red
Week 19 - Artificial
Week 20 - Tracks
Week 21 - Anger

That leaves 6 weeks to catch up.  That isn't too bad, is it?


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