Wednesday 1 June 2011

Pretty Flower in My Hair

I'm not joining in with WIP Wednesday this week, because I want to share my latest sewing project.  I'm quite proud of it too.  Here it is, do you like it?

It is a pretty flower.  I made it using this tutorial from over at Sew Ritzy Titzy.  If you "Like" me on Facebook you may have already seen this tutorial pop up in my feed, as I have a Posterous account which I have hooked up to Facebook.  I post a few links during the week of tutorials I have come across that interest me and I might one day want to make.  I also have my Posterous page embedded in this blog on the My Inspiration page.  Essentially this account enables me to find tutorials I liked from last year when I want them, and also to share these goodies with you lovely people, if you are so interested.

Anyway back to the flower.

Do you recognise those fabrics?  Yes they are the ones I used for my clutch purse that I put together for the wedding I'm going to at the weekend.

I have had such fun putting together outfits and accessories for this wedding.  I spent all of today making jewellery too, which I'll take photos of next week for you to see.  I don't normally wear much red so it has been fun making things to match what I'm wearing over the wedding weekend.  I shall feel very well put together (for a change).

The tutorial suggests using a button for the centre of the flower, and I think that would have looked better than my circle of fabric with stuffing in the centre, but I didn't have a suitable button in my stash.  The stuffed fabric looks ok, but if next time I go to a haberdashery I see a suitable button I will replace the centre, as it will make it flatter.

I'm quite proud of how I made these petals.  I ironed each one so that the seams were pressed open and all other creases were removed, so they were made into little cones.  The petal tips pull forwards because the seam allowance on one side of the cone makes it shorter than the other.  When I matched up the bottom of each side of the cone to make the running stitch along the bottom,  this pulled the un-seamed side of the petal upwards.  I love how this works, but it has made me think again about making a tailor's ham, as that would have made ironing tiny cones much easier.

I sewed a couple of hair clips on the back of the flower to hold it in place on my hair.  I haven't decided what style I will go for, probably just all hanging down, but I think the flower will pretty things up whatever style I go for.

I have been knitting this week, as well as all this accessory making, but you will have to wait until next week to see my progress in that field.


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