Friday 24 June 2011

My Shawl is Finished

I love my shawl.  It is the best shawl I have.  I adore it, but I contemplated giving it away yesterday.  I have a sound reason for my seeming generosity, I want to knit another one!  I didn't offer it though, as I hadn't taken any photos yet.  I may offer it some time next week instead.  Here is the beauteous shawl in question.  I present my Radiance!

I just had to take a washing line shot.  It shows the drape brilliantly.  Plus, we had some lovely sunshine this morning.  Me and my cat prowled around the garden taking photos.

I have definitely fallen in love with the semi-circular shape, for a Summer shawl.  In Winter I want a low back to keep me warm while sitting down, but when the weather is warmer, I just need my arms covering, and this shape does that fantastically well.

Please excuse the strange way the dress is riding up, in a way that implies I have a towel wrapped around my waist under the dress.  It is purely down rush to get posed in time for the timer.

This is such a simple and elegant pattern, that I am itching to make it again.  I even love the picot cast off (which took forever).

How can you not love something that looks this good?  When blocking this shawl I used wires along the top edge and along the bottom of the last garter stitch panel, which left the last lace panel ,with the picot edging, to hang loosely.  I think this left the bottom edge nice and dense, so it hangs better.  The rest of the lace panels are nice and open.

I do like the open nature of this lace panel, which contrasts so well with the more dense lace panel that goes in the opposite direction.

All in all, I am ecstatic about how this project turned out.  I even have a decent amount of yarn left, which I am going to make into knitted jewellery (when I have time).  I highly recommend this pattern and the yarn, all of which is detailed in this post.

Here is just one last gratuitous shawl shot.

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