Friday 27 May 2011

My Recovery Sweater is Finished....

.... and sadly it is very very big indeed!  I am sad, and stupid.

I am stupid because although I swatched, I didn't wash and block the swatch.  This was a very silly omission indeed because Rowan Lenpur apparently stretches a bit, quite a considerable bit actually.

Do you see how I'm standing all hunched up in the above picture?  That is pretty much the only position I can stand in that keeps this tunic actually on both shoulders at the same time.  As soon as I move, I'm halfway out of it.

I have worn it out and about a couple of times and pretty much everyone agrees that this tunic is far too big, probably in the realms of 4 sizes too big.  This is a shame, because I like this tunic a lot.  The yarn is gorgeous and soft and I really really want to wear it.

I'm afraid there is only one thing for it, this Recovery Sweater, will have to become a Do-over Sweater.

In other news, I have posted out the Giveaway Winners' Packages to Irina and Sarah. I am sad to see my lovely goodies go, but comforting me during my separation anxiety, I was contacted to say I'd won one of the giveaways I had entered.  I won the prize from Go Knit In Your Hat.  I won a skein of lovely looking yarn and a sock pattern.

This is a lovely prize for me, as I rarely get yarn from outside Europe because of the costs involved (customs I'm looking at you here!).  I will share my booty with you as soon as it arrives. In the meantime in the absence of any cheerful news in my Finished Objects post, please click on one of the buttons below to see what else has been finished this week!


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