Friday 6 May 2011

Double Sided Headband Pattern

Before I went into hospital I whipped up a little sewing project that gave me a few happy hours.  It was for a headband.  I wanted a couple of headbands to wear in hospital to cover up my nasty hair while I was recovering.  After sewing the first one, with some of my favourite fabric I tried it on.

I decided was too wide,  so I made another one and adjusted the pattern to narrow the depth of the headband and made the edges more curved.  I was really happy with the resulting headband and decided that to round out my new collection of headbands I should make another one.  Each headband uses two different types of fabric so they can be turned inside out to match a new outfit.  I now have three headbands which provide 6 different fabrics that together compliment pretty much all my clothes.

To show the other sides more clearly I took a matching photograph.

Despite having this vast collection, I can see myself making more of these as they really show off lovely fabrics well, and each side of a headband uses around half of a fat quarter of fabric, so it would be a great way to use up odds and ends of fabric.  In fact you could easily make a patchwork version by sewing narrow strips together and then cutting out the pattern piece.  Now I've gone and inspired myself, that's another version to add to my list of stuff I want to make!

The ends of the fabric are joined up with a piece of elastic.

This allows you to get the headband over your head comfortably and to be held snugly in place without requiring any lumpy ties.

As I made a pattern piece for this little project, I decided to write up instructions and offer them for free.  I have never written an sewing tutorial before so if you do decide to give it a go, please let me know if you struggle with any part of it.  You can download the PDF for this tutorial and pattern from by clicking the download now button.

I may have overdone the instructions in some places, especially if you are someone who has sewed more than a couple of times in your life, but I wanted to make sure the pattern was accessible to beginners.

I apologise if you came to visit this blog expecting to see my knitting, but I'm still chugging away on it.  Maybe by next Friday I'll have some completed knits, until then you will have to make do with finished patterns!  As I have finished this pattern, I'm going to hook up to FO Friday and the other linky parties I usually take part in.  If you click on any of the buttons below I am sure you won't be disappointed at the wealth of lovely bloggers who take part in each of the link ups.


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