Saturday 16 April 2011

Spring Photos

As everyone has been so lovely about my rubbish health this week, I thought I would reward you with the cute and/or pretty photos I took last weekend when the sun was shining.  They do not fit in with any photo challenges at all.  In fact I am way behind on my WPC 2011, but I do intend to catch up.  My aim is to have 52 photos at the end of the year that I can make into a photo book to sum up my progress over this year.  So as I intend to have 52 photos for that, I will have to catch up smartish when I'm up and moving again.

Until I have less pain and more strength, these photos will have to hold you, and I have to say I am slightly proud of them.  My photography is still improving with each batch I take.  It is so rewarding to be able to see my progress so clearly, just from practising.

© 2011, Chrissy Fletcher - Daisy
© 2011, Chrissy Fletcher - Dandelion
Not bad for two weeds are they?  I love the sunny yellow in both flowers.

© 2011, Chrissy Fletcher - Orange Tulip
This tulip is the single flower of this type, that is hidden underneath our apple tree.  All the other tulips we have are bright red and yellow.  I love this one blended flower that we have.

© 2011, Chrissy Fletcher - Apple Blossom
Speaking of apple trees, our cooking apple tree is really well established.  It was part of the orchard that our street was built on, in the 1930s.  Nearly all the gardens have at least one fruit tree still in place.  We have this apple tree and four damson trees.  We also have an eating apple tree that was planted by the previous owners on a dwarf stock, so it is tiny.  We usually have about three apples in total from that tree.  The cooking apple tree, showers our lawn with enormous fruits for about a month.  We don't bake sadly.

This year our eating apple tree is full of blossom, so we are hoping to have slightly more apples from it.  As this photo was taken last weekend, you can imagine how beautiful the trees look this weekend.  I wish I had the strength to take the camera out, but I don't, so you shall have to imagine it's delicate flowers instead.  They really are beautiful.

© 2011, Chrissy Fletcher - Bleeding Hearts
I love the Bleeding Heart plant.  Every year it appears for a brief spell of colour and beauty.  Then it disappears into insignificance again.  We have a white version that comes up in a few weeks, after this one starts to die away again.

© 2011, Chrissy Fletcher - Fat Cat
You can see our sea of yellow and red tulips in the background of this photo, but mainly what you can see is my fat cat, lazing around as usual.

© 2011, Chrissy Fletcher - Parsley waving like a Royal Cat
I really enjoyed taking these photos of my cat as we both lazed around on the grass.  I must have taken dozens of photos that I whittled down to three.

© 2011, Chrissy Fletcher - What does Parsley Spy?
This has to be my favourite photo of all.  I love the way the shadows fall on her coat and how her eye glints in the grass.  I've always struggled to take photos of my black and white cat, as her features were often hidden by poor lighting, but reading and learning about the different settings on my camera has meant I've been able to get some really nice ones of her lately.  As she's so lazy, she's a great model!

So there you have it, some more photos from this beginner, that I hope you like.  Oh by the way, all the plants in our garden were put in by the previous owners before we moved in, 6 years ago.  My poor OH spends most of the nice weather wrestling with it to stop it taking over completely.  Maybe one day we'll put in some nice low maintenance shrubs, but until then, I get some pretty flowers to photograph.

Oh and for the record, the hayfever has been bashed into submission by the antihistamines and my head no longer feels like it is about to explode.  My pain today is more of the usual kind from having so many chores to do last week.  Just four more sleeps until the surgery!!!  Oh and I get to take a mobile phone into the hospital so I can hopefully update my Facebook page if nothing else to let you know how I'm doing.  You can follow my Facebook page by either clicking the "LIKE" button on the right hand side of my blog, or by just looking at my page, which can be found here.  However, If you click the "LIKE" button you will receive updates made on my Facebook page, which includes when blog entries are put up and tweets, in your newsfeed.

Hope to be back and blogging soon!  Thanks again for all your well wishes and support, it really does mean and awful lot.


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