Wednesday 6 April 2011

Normal Service is Resumed - WIPW

After the madness that was Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, normal service has now resumed, ie irregular postings that occasionally match up with other stuff that's going on in the land of the internets.

As it is a Wednesday, I thought I would get back into the swing of blogging again by joining in with my good buddies on Work In Progress Wednesday, hosted by Tami.  You can look at other people's blogs by clicking on the button.  (But don't forget to come back and finish reading about my adventures in crafting, or I'll wish I'd put the button at the bottom of the post like I normally do!)

OK, you're back now are you?  Good, so last week kind of wiped me out so I didn't start anything new, I just kept on trucking with what was already on the needles.  However, one of these projects was something I hadn't shared with you before last week hit.  This project is using up my left over yarn from my Mum's Christmas/Birthday shawl. Originally this yarn was going to make a big cardigan for me, but Mum loved the yarn so much I had to use it for her and the shawl did turn out beautifully.  So as I have 2 and a half skeins of this stuff left I decided to make a cushion for the cat.  I decided on using Frankie's Ten Stitch Twist pattern as I like the effect of the slightly ridged spiral.  This is what I have so far.

I think this is going to look very pretty, but I'm kind of inclining towards making it a circular throw and hanging it over the back of the sofa, as the colours really work in my lounge.

Aren't the ridges pretty?  I love how they emphasise the contrast between each colour on the spiral.  I shall decide as it get's bigger what I am going to do with it, and especially if I have enough yarn to make a circular throw.

The alpaca wrap I've been working on, is going great guns now I am using life lines!

Un-stretched it is probably about 50"-60", so blocked out it will be a great size.  I'll probably do a couple more repeats and then do the seed stitch edging before casting off.  I think this will be  a very versatile garment.

And decorative too!  I really want to get this off the needles and on the blocking board.  I just want to wear it!

Yesterday I woke up feeling lousy.  I couldn't face doing any knitting and I was cold, so I pulled out that old chestnut the Year in a Blanket!  I can't believe I have been doing this since January 2009 - isn't that appalling!  Anyway I decided to sew up the brown cabled squares and add them to the top.  I laid out the squares, and when I pulled out this amazing flannel I bought for backing the blanket, I realised that I couldn't add two more rows of blocks to each side of the blanket.  The fabric was too narrow!

So I took off two blocks per row of brown cabled squares and attached them to the blanket.  I now have something that is the perfect size for covering me while laying on the sofa.

I'd forgotten what a wonderful weight this blanket it was.  As it is wool/cotton, it is cozy but not heavy.  It's also not overly sweaty!  The flannel I bought for the backing of this blanket is just perfect.  I washed it to pre-shrink it and it is so soft and fuzzy now.  I think this shrinkage is what caused the difference in width planned and actual width of the blanket.  Never mind, it will be a good size whatever width it is.  At least it covers my toes!

I got this flannel it from The Bramble Patch last Summer.  Oh how I love that shop!  So now all I have to do on the knitting front is try and stop the curling under of the edges.  I know attaching the blanket to the backing will sort that out, but I still think I want to square it up a bit.  I can't decide whether to knit strips and sew them on, so the seams give structure, or whether to pick up and knit the edges to give an invisible finish.  The other option is to knit the edging on as I go round.  It's a tough one.  Advice please from you knitting gurus out there.  I know there must be one or too among you new followers!  By the way welcome if you have only just joined me.  I was very giddy when I saw how many people had decided to follow me recently.  It helps me feel like I'm not talking to myself!

Anyway, that is where I am up to on my WIP.  Sadly I've not made any progress on my Chain Mail socks, but I plan on working on that over the next week.  I don't know if I'll have anything finished to share with you on Friday, but I'm going to do my best!


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