Friday 28 January 2011

An Old Pattern Revisited And Revised

This FO is two fold.  As I told you on Wednesday I was making my Handyman's Hat for my Dad.  While I was re-knitting this pattern I noticed there were a couple of errors in the pattern.  I was mortified.  This was one of my oldest patterns and has always been quite a steady seller.  The trouble is no one had told me about the errors in the pattern.  I think that is what I can't believe - that no one had complained.

I decided that this pattern should be corrected and sent out, but instead of just correcting a couple of digits, I decided to re-write the pattern using my current style.  I also added in some extra information on how to increase the depth of the hat, in case you couldn't get the row gauge and the stitch gauge to match.  I had this problem when re-knitting my Dad's hat, so as I had spent time working out how to fix it, I thought I ought to include it for other knitters.

So now I have not only got a hat to show you, I am proud to say that the new pattern is much better than the old one.

Knitting this hat in a pure wool yarn really makes the cabling "pop" on the hat.  It looks completely different from the original fuzzy look of the first design.  Hopefully seeing the hat with both types of yarn will encourage knitters to experiment a bit more with their yarn choices for this pattern.

I know the hat looks quite silly on this head, but I don't have a larger one.  I also don't have a large headed model, so this will have to do.

I didn't have a photo of the top of the hat before, so I'm pleased to see how the decreases have worked out to give a nice smooth top.  I've seen this pattern done with a pom pom added and it looked really good.  Once I've checked all the ends are properly woven in, I'll be sending this to grace the top of my Dad's head.

If you have your own outdoor type man, who needs to keep his head and ears warm, you can purchase this pattern by using the link at the right hand side of this page, or via Ravelry.

One FO I can't share with you is the tutorial I'm in the middle of writing. This tutorial is being written specifically for use with this pattern.  It will show how to do all the cables in the pattern without using a cable needle.  There are other tutorials out there that show the principles involved in this technique, but I wanted to give full instructions for this particular cabling pattern.

I hope to be able to post the new tutorial in the next few days, providing my sniffle doesn't turn into another full blown cold (fingers crossed).

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