Monday 20 December 2010


I am currently in recovery mode.  I have just finished the Christmas Delivery Weekend.  Every year the weekend before Christmas I travel northwards to my friends and family in an attempt to ensure that all my carefully chosen gifts reach their assigned homes before Christmas Day.  I always attempt tol see everyone, but I rarely succeed, because as you can imagine other people are often busy the weekend before Christmas.  This year I felt was pretty successful, as the only person I couldn't see, was in hospital giving birth.  I felt childbirth was a very valid excuse for not seeing me, I'm just sad I'll have to wait to see the new bundle of joy.

The main problem with this pre-Christmas visit is that I have to get all my presents ready a week before Christmas.  I feel that it is unfair that I have a week less crafting time than I should do, but at least it means I can spend the week before Christmas in a less frantic state than my crafting counterparts.

I only have one gift left to craft and that is for my Mother.  She knows her shawl is coming late as I showed her the work in progress this weekend.  She is pleased! Phew!  I have until 2nd January when I hand it over to my brother at another Christmas rendez-vous at my Father's house.  I only have 10 more rows to knit and then it can be blocked and a fabric binding stitched to the top of the shawl.  It will be done in time, so I can relax a bit.  It feels strange not have the weight of a deadline pressing on me.  I wish I had managed to get the shawl finished in time, but it would have killed me and my Mother would prefer I am in one piece for Christmas.

Now I have no unrealistic deadlines looming I find myself in a strange position.  I don't know what to knit next.  I have been putting so many projects in my "after Christmas" pile that I don't know where to start.  I have a new handbag to sew, a baby blanket to finish, a scarf to start, and some delicious yarns waiting to be knit with, and I am paralyzed with indecision.  So I'm going to do nothing today.  I'm going to surf Ravelry and read a little and maybe even play a computer game or two and I'm not going to worry about anything and enjoy the lack of pressure.

I might even try and take a few photos of the pretty frost strewn garden, who knows, the world is my oyster, my time is my own and all I have to worry about is whether my body will let me do any of the things I want to do, because frankly, it is a bit broken from the visit up north.

I hope next time I post, I will have photos to show you.  I am sorry they have been a bit thin on the ground of late, but writing can be done from a prone position, photography cannot.  Forgive me a lack of pretties to show you, and forgive my low levels of posting of late.  I hope normal service will resume shortly.  Until it does, enjoy your last minute get togethers with friends and family and don't let the panic wear you down!


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