Friday 15 October 2010

Test Knitting A New Pattern

Do you remember the hat from last week?  I have decided that it is too small for the recipient after some sneaky testing.  I got my brother to try on the hat as I have knit him one in a larger size.  This version is much too small for him.

However, it is a good fit on my sister in law.

This size will be labelled for women, as it fit me quite well too.  However, this hat was designed to go on a man's head.  I will be frogging this particular hat, but at least it has given me the sizing for my pattern.  I have, since this little fitting session, made my brother a hat in a larger size.  It's his Christmas present, so shhhh!

I also tidied up the crown decreases, which I am really happy with now, so re-knitting my first effort is not too heart breaking.

This yarn is Rowan Pure Wool Aran and is lovely and springy to knit with.  The colour is perfect for my brother and matches his Winter coat too.  My sister in law agrees that this is a hat that my brother will like and wear.

He can even fold over the brim if his ears get extra cold.

Even though I now have to re-knit my first hat, I am quite pleased at having this process tested by myself, because now I am keen to try my first sized pattern.  I have even done the maths!  I am going to have three sizes; Women's, Men's and Large Men's.  This was meant to be a masculine pattern but I think with the right yarn it will work for women, or it could be used for a teenager.

I hope to finish my pattern tweaking very soon and then I'll be looking for testers.  If you are interested in testing my hat pattern then have a look through the Free Pattern Testers Group rules and see if you can adhere to them, then drop me an email at and I'll let you know when the test is due to start.

And as this is another finished object, I'm linking to Tami's Ami's blog again.  Please go and take a look at some of the other amazing projects completed by my fellow bloggers.  They are well worth the time.


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