Tuesday 5 October 2010

Ruffles Galore

Every couple of years there is a new fashion in scarf yarns. Last year was pompoms, this year it seems to be ruffly yarn.    I was quite skeptical of how these would feel against the skin, because they look a bit scratchy in the photos.  However, Mary Clare got some yarn in from Katia called Ondas.  I tried to resist buying into the whole fashion scarf frenzy, but I failed, as usual.

The yarn looks like nothing on the skein.  But, the yarn is actually a very long tube of mesh.  To knit the ruffles required, instead of wrapping the yarn around the needle as normal, you wrap only a small part of the tube around the needle, so in effect you are splitting the yarn.  The part of the yarn tube, that isn't in the stitch, is stretched out to make a lovely ruffle.  The ruffled edge hides the stitches that are knit.

Clever huh?  I didn't take home the free pattern, but I'd seen the scarf being knit at the knitting group and thought I could just wing it.  I was right.  I cast on 6 stitches and knit each row (in the manner described above) and voila - a scarf was born.

It is 4.5" wide and 52" long, which gives a nice length for wrapping around the neck in a glamour puss style.

See what a glamour puss I am on Sunday mornings??  Yes, I am that tired, and no, there weren't any better pictures of me wearing the scarf.  I'm sorry that's just the way it is!

I quite enjoyed knitting the scarf as it was completed so quickly.  I needed a quick finish project this week, as everything seems to be taking ages at the moment.  I don't know if I'd knit another one, but then I have most of my female Christmas gifts completed already  If I was running short of time I'd whip up loads!

I can confirm that the Ondas yarn is nice and soft, despite being made of nylon.  It feels more like cotton next next to the skin.  I don't know what the other ruffly yarn, Rico's CanCan is like, but this stuff is lovely and the colourways I've seen are really nice.  I particularly like the black, grey and white variant and also the hot pinks and red.

I love the look of the variegated ruffles as they blend into each other, so here is another gratuitous ruffle shot.

If you see one in the flesh, you'll want one too!


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