Thursday 7 October 2010

A Little Treat for Me.

I feel like I have been knitting for other people like fury for ages now.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy doing it, but sometimes I need a quick hit of selfish knitting.  I decided that I would delve into my new Boutique Knits book.

This book had been in my Amazon Wish List for, what seems like, forever.  I adore the hat on the cover and desperately wanted the pattern for it.  There were also a couple more other patterns that I loved.  I happened on it in Waterstones and decided to splash out.  I'm so glad that I did.  I only wish I'd done it sooner.

The pattern from this book that I decided to treat myself with was the Sideways Grande Cloche.  I chose this pattern because I just so happened to have some yarn that would work with the pattern.  I had some left over yarn from my Peru Gilet.  I had just over 2 skeins to be precise.  As usual I had set these extra skeins aside to be used for either repairs or small knits.  This pattern was the ideal small knit.  In the end I have about half a skein left for repairs now!

Isn't this yarn just meant to be made into this hat?  I love this hat even more than I loved the pattern.  I'm so happy I wasn't disappointed.  It took me a while to get gauge as I'm such a loose knitter, but I don't begrudge the time at all.  It is always worth swatching, even when you use the recommended yarn.

This hat is filled with interesting little details.  I love the twisted side accent.  This twist is made by picking up and knitting two bands of ribbing, twisting them together and then sewing them to the top of the hat.  This twist pulls the side up slightly to enhance the narrowing of the depth of the hat.  The body of the hat is knit sideways, getting narrower by working with progressively smaller needles.  The twist also covers the mattress stitched seam.

The top of the hat is knit by picking up and knitting along the top edge of the hat body, before the hat is seamed.  The decreases make a nice strong circular top, framed by the last rib on the body of the hat.

This hat is knit entirely on straight needles, so if you hate knitting in the round, this hat is perfect for you.  I love how it cups the back of your neck and covers your ears all the way down to the lobes.

My cloche will be warm and comfortable even on the coldest of days.  I am so pleased I have been able to knit this hat, in this yarn, because I have worn my Gilet constantly over the last couple of weeks.  It is warm, soft and breathable.  I LOVE this hat.  I am so glad I spent a day knitting this for myself as it has recharged my knitting batteries, so I'll be able to get back to selfless knitting again.

Going back briefly to the Boutique Knits book.  I can highly recommend it.  It has many interesting accessories, with imaginative twists on every day items.  There is a bag that incorporates both felted and un-felted knitting, which is really interesting and there are at least three hats, in addition to this one, that I want to make.  I think this book will be referred to time and time again for quick and interesting knits, especially if I'm running out of time on my gift knitting schedule. This is a valuable addition to my craft library, and anybody else's.


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