Monday 6 September 2010

Trip to the NEC

I have been away from my blog for quite some time now.  I have been rather busy, and I don't think I'm alone in that.  However, with a chronic pain condition like mine, it takes rather longer to recover from general busy-ness.  One of the great things that kept me busy was a visit from my brother and sister in law.  This trip had been arranged for some time as my SIL and I decided we wanted to visit the Quilt Show at the NEC.  My brother came along for the ride., well as far as Leicester anyway.

On the day of the show we were collected by my friend Linda and driven to the NEC.  My SIL did all the wheelchair driving, she's getting quite good at it now!  We saw some amazing quilts and I took a few photos before I realised that I didn't have a memory card in my camera ARGHGGHGHGHG!  So annoying.  Apparently Linda and Emma have taken some photos but I have yet to see evidence of these pics.  Here is my favorite of the few I took.

I don't have any details about this quilt, but it was amazing with superb quilting to accentuate the "feathers".  It was truely inspiring seeing what was achieveable with patchwork and quilting.  Some of the designs were even possibly within my ability to create.  Maybe not to the same standard, but at least I would know where to start.

We really enjoyed our day out and of course spent far too much money (as usual) but managed to get some great bargains.  I got a bargain Moda Charm Pack, called "Boutique" which I am particularly happy about and some bundles of fat quarters.  I also splashed out on some individual fat quarters.  Just look at my lovely loot!!!

I really want to get cracking with these lovely fabrics, but before that happens I have other quilts to finish.

There was so much to see at the the show that by the end of the day we were completely overwhelmed.  So overwhelmed that I forgot the one thing I had planned to do, which was to go to the Cotton Patch stand and get Lisa Lam's new book and get it signed.  I am a big fan of Lisa's tutorials and most of my bag making skills have been learnt from her website.  It was only when I was on my way out of the door that I remembered my intention, by which time it was too late.  Never mind they have it on Amazon.

Oops, may have bought it by accident while opening the page to get the link!!!

My day out at the NEC, was cripplingly exhausting, overwhelming in the extreme and quite expensive - but I wouldn't have missed it for the world.  I will definitely try and go again next year, only this time with a memory card for my camera!


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