Wednesday 2 June 2010

My first trousers

Yesterday I started to make my first ever trousers. Well when I say trousers, what I mean is pyjama bottoms. No way was I going to wear my first attempt at trousers in public, besides who doesn't need extra pyjama bottoms? I even had the fabric for it. I bought this at the Sewing for Pleasure show at the NEC in March:

This fabric was bought with the sole intention of becoming pyjama bottoms. My friend Linda gave me a very easy trouser pattern to use. I have had the pattern for ages and didn't think to look at the sizing. I had my fabric all washed and pressed and laid out ready to pin my pattern to it when I checked the pattern. The sizes on the pattern appeared to be too small (by one size), according to the sizing chart on the back of the packet. I was so frustrated I posted on Facebook and Linda suggested I try and cut out the largest size and add on an extra 1/2" around the sides. I decided to give it a whirl and cut it all out. Oh this was also my first try at using a commercial clothes pattern.

Crawling around on the floor, cutting out fabric, always leaves me completely wiped out. In fact, I ended up going to bed at around 8pm. But it did mean I was fresh as a daisy this morning when I sat at my sewing machine with my instructions. Once I had the actual trouser bits sewn together, I tried them on, and they were huge. I could have gone with the actual pattern size after all. But as these are pyjamas, huge is good. As they were so big, I decided I could afford to make a deep waistband and used 25mm deep elastic.

Instead of making a fabric tie for the front of the trousers, I used some purple ribbon I already had. I wasn't going to put a tie on at all, when I realised that I would be constantly putting them on back to front, as there was no label in the back, to help me work out which way round they go. I sealed the cut ends of the ribbon by holding a lit match near the edges. I love how that seals the trimmed edges. It was a tip I picked up from a blog posting from some time ago from someone I can't remember. If I could remember who it was, I would credit the lovely person who told the world how to do this, as I always use this method now with ribbon edges.

I wasn't totally precise with turning up my hems, but they seem to have worked out ok. The lengths aren't ridiculously different anyway.

Constructing the trousers was so much easier than I thought it would be. I'd always got it into my head that it was really difficult to make trousers, whereas it is just a bit more time consuming. I imagine once I start making them with zippers in, then that will be a different story.

By the way these pictures were taken with my leggings on underneath, which is why I look even bigger than normal. Basically I was lazy and couldn't be bothered to get undressed for my fashion shoot! (so much for never been seen in public in ill fitting trousers LOL)

I have a feeling I will be trying this pattern again sometime, but using the actual pattern, rather than increasing the size. I think that the actual pattern will be closer to to the fit I want. I could remake these, but sometimes when I am really sore around my tummy, huge baggy trousers are heaven sent. I will probably be wearing these a lot. Purple circles combined with light and baggy pyjama bottoms, what girl wouldn't live in them?


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