Saturday 8 May 2010

Another Summer Hat

I do tend to get into knitting cycles quite easily. Hence making another hat just after I finish one. This hat is pretty different from the last one though. I bought some amazing Peaches and Creme yarn at Create & Knit, when I visited last. The colour drew me from across the room. It is quite a different shade from the ones I normally go for, but it was really yummy.

I couldn't resist. I knew I wanted to make it into a hat and didn't know how much I'd need so I bought two skeins. Turns out I didn't even need one complete skein for the pattern I chose. I wanted a beanie style hat to sling on my bonce when I go out on my scooter. When I am out and about, without a hat, I tend to get hair in my eyes and mouth. It's not fun. I figured a beanie would stop the hair issues, but if it was in cotton, my head wouldn't over heat either. I also felt that a cotton hat would be good for hiding bad hair days in the Summer. Bad hair days occur mainly when camping and at festivals. I don't know if I'll get into a field this year, but I like to plan for all eventualities.

The pattern I chose was the Lotus Hat by UpTownPurl. The Ravelry link is here. I really like the lace pattern.

This was a pretty quick knit, it really only took me a day from start to finish. As I was knitting while watching the election coverage on the tv, I kept having to frog rows. If I'd been watching something less interesting I don't think I would have had any problems, as the charts were pretty easy to memorise.

I used Addi circulars for this knit and I think that was a mistake. The cotton has no give in it, and neither do the metal needles. It felt like hard going sometimes on some of the lace stitches. I think it would have been easier on wooden or bamboo needles that have some flex in them and also have slightly pointier tips. But apart from those two problems I really like the project, especially the crown decreases. I love the way it looks from above. It's a shame that no one really gets to see that unless you are very short and they are very tall.

The hat is quite shallow, so I think it will take some getting used to. I'm used to hats sitting quite far back on my head, this one sort of sits on top.

If I was to make the hat again I might do an extra repeat of the first chart. But I am saying that without wearing it for any length of time. I might get used to it. If I was to knit the hat in wool for a Winter time hat, I would definitely do an extra repeat of Chart A. But this size doesn't look too bad, so I shall have to see.

Apologies for the startled rabbit photo, but I got complaints yesterday about only photographing the new hat on a polystyrene head. Its really hard to photograph yourself in a hat! Hope this satisfies everyone's need to see what a hat looks like on a human being.

Now I must go and chose what to knit this weekend while I watch the Grand Prix. So many interesting projects in my queue to chose from, which one shall it be?


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