Friday 19 March 2010

Bobbly Scarf

Do you remember this scarf I made for my Mum, for Christmas?

It is made in Rico Pompon yarn and loved making it. In fact I loved it so much that I volunteer to make one for anyone that asks.

Mary Clare recently got some more of this type of yarn in stock, but it is made by Katia and is called Big Snow. The new colours are really nice but there are no samples in the shop yet. So when Clare said she really ought to knit up a sample scarf, I immediately grabbed the opportunity to have a play once again.

The result is this:

It feels denser than the Rico version and it makes up a scarf 6" x 40". It is also knit on smaller needles - 3mm. The cost of this yarn is around the same at £10.95, but it isn't quite as soft as the Rico. However it does come in different colours, all of which I really like. If I was going to buy some of this yarn for myself I would choose the teal version and knit it into a cushion front, which would go with my nice new lounge. However I already have nice material to use for new cushion covers, so I don't have any excuse to buy any more of this yarn.

Maybe I should volunteer to be the shop bobbly yarn knitter, so when customers ask for a scarf, I do it for them. It only takes a couple of hours and I find it really relaxing to do.

I think I will probably just have to wait until next Winter to knit another scarf up for myself. Until then, I will just have to hope someone needs a scarf knitting!


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