Monday 22 February 2010

Needle Turn Applique

This week I have been sewing applique using the needle turn technique. I have found it very satisfying in a strange and finicky way. The first exercise was for the sampler quilt and the block is the Friendship Dahlia. I have only appliqued the petals of the dahlia as I decided that the centre circle of the flower would be determined when the quilt was finished. At the moment I am leaning towards the dark red fabric though.

The tutor suggested that maybe the fabric I use for the sashing could be used for the centre of the dahlia. I'm not sure of that because I intend using the original swirly green grey fabric I bought for the background fabric. I don't think that would work as a centre of the flower. However I am planning on using that fabric for the next block I do on my sampler quilt, the Hawaiian Quilt Block.

Before we make the sampler block we are going to make a cushion to learn the techniques of quilting. I love the look of Hawaiian Quilting. I had never really know what it was before this course though I had seen it. I have tried a search on Hawaiian Quilting and you can find more at this page which seems to be a good summary of what it is.

I decided to try and tie my cushion into the quilt by using the background fabric on the cushion, but I used a different plain green background fabric that goes in our lounge and goes fairly well with the sampler quilt fabrics.

The shape I cut out looks a little like acorn leaves to me and I'm pretty happy with the way the applique part has gone.

I think I will keep the same applique shape for the sampler quilt block as it feels quite pleasing to me to stitch and to look at.

The cushion block will be used to learn how to hand quilt so hopefully when I go back to the class after the half term break I will have something quilty to show you.


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