Monday 25 January 2010

Halfway Hood

This "Halfway Hood" is my take on a cowl. I have lots of hats, I have lots of scarves, but I don't have any cowls. I bought a couple of skeins of gorgeous Colinette Point 5 yarn in colourways that worked well together (well they did on my monitor). I was pretty lucky that when the yarn arrived it worked as well in the flesh, if not better.

The hood is knit length-ways, with short row shaping in the centre, to make it easier to wear over the head. The shaping isn't too pronounced as I wanted to be able to wear it loosely round my neck as well as like a hood.

When I cast off along the long edge, I kept the last stitch on the needle and then picked up along the adjacent short edge and then knit a couple rows, binding off in the centre a couple of stitches for the button hole and then casting on again on the next row.

I sewed the button on the opposite end. I actually finished my Halfway Hood last week but only got the button recently. I decided to wait to show you the finished garment as I didn't want to show you a pile of yarn on the floor, it just wouldn't show you how it worked.

I love the colours that I chose and how they work together. I'm very happy with how the Halfway Hood worked out too. If I was to do anything different next time, I would probably make the long edge very slightly shorter and increase the short row shaping by a couple of rows. But other than those small adjustments I am really happy with how this looks. I'm hoping that it will help keep my ears warm when I am out and about on my mobility scooter on cold afternoons. I'll let you know how it goes.


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