Thursday 31 December 2009

Pretty Presents

As promised, I have pretty things that I got for Christmas that I just HAVE to share.  If only to feel smug about what wonderful people I have in my life who choose great presents to give to me.

The first present was chosen by me, but I was given a choice of all the lovely bags at Mary Clare.  Rachael always tries to get me something pretty, that she knows I won't buy myself.  Clare got a lot of Lantern Moon bags in for the run up to Christmas and I have to say I was involved in the choices so it was actually quite hard to chose the bag I loved more than anything.  But as you may have noticed, one of my favorite colours is teal.  Hence my choice of bag.

Isn't it gorgeous?  It is a Fair Trade item which makes it even more special to me.  But even if it weren't, I would really really want it.  The bag is perfect for either a night out on the town, or for using as a luxurious project bag.

The bag has a magnetic snap to hold the top closed but when it is open the bag will hold a couple of balls of wool and a pattern, along with my lovely circular needles.  The bag also stays open as it rests on the floor because of the quilted bottom half of the bag.  The lining is the same fabric as the top half of the bag.  I think if I want to keep it off the floor while knitting, the handles would let me hang it from the back of a chair quite easily.  I LOVE this gift and will use it on Monday at my knitting group.

Speaking of which, if you are interested in joining a well established knitting group in Leicester, we can be found at 7-9pm on 4th January in the Sainbury's Cafe at Grove Farm Triangle, near Junction 21 of the M1, where it joins with the M69.  For satnavs the post code is LE19 1W.  There is plenty of parking and you will be more than welcomed.  This is our new home now that Borders is closed, but I'm sure we will be happy there, especially if the cake is good!

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Next on my list of lovely things I got for Christmas is a gorgeous pin cushion from my sister-in-law.  As a fellow crafter she understands the appeal of fabulous little things like this that are not only attractive but have purpose.

Not only is this a cute pincushion, but if you pull on the door, you get a tape measure too.  What more could a girl want?  Apparently some Elizabeth Arden skincare goodies.  I think my hands need a bit of tlc after all the crafting they have done.  The skincare stuff is from both my SIL and my brother, but the pincushion is pure Emma.

I love that my sister-in-law knows me so well and that we can share our passion for making things.  Everytime I see this little piece of felty goodness it makes me smile.

And last but no means least is the only hand made gift I got this year.  It was made for me by my friend Debbie, who I have known since I was 11.  This gift nearly made me cry it is so lovely.

So much care has gone into this lovely gift and Debbie made the whole box, not just the cross stitch bits.

Isn't she clever?

I'm pretty sure this is 18 count aida.

There is so much attention to detail in this little box and it will take pride of place on one of the new shelves we will be putting in the lounge.  It is too pretty to be lost to the depths of the chaos that is my bedroom!  Not only will it remind me of Debbie but the willow pattern plates we had on our french dresser as I was growing up.

So now you can see why I wanted to show you my lovely presents.  Aren't they great.  My friends are so generous and know me so well.

Now that I have finished telling you all about my Christmas presents, you never know, I might actually have some crafting news for you soon.

Hope you all have a lovely New Year, no matter how you celebrate.  I have a feeling it will be me, the cat and Jools Holland this year as my cold is still killing me slowly.  Never mind, I'm sure I'll get some sleep soon, I hope......


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