Sunday 27 December 2009

Christmas Presents 2009

Now that everyone has finally received their Christmas bounty I am in a position to share some of the projects that I have completed. As well as sharing these projects I can also tell you at last about two patterns that are now available for purchase on my website.

Firstly I made a hat for my Dad. It is called "Handyman Hat". The original pattern was knit using Mirasol Akapana on 4.5mm needles. I knit the final version using 4mm needles in Mirasol Miski. This version used ALL the yarn with very little spare as I didn't realise I was using different yarn until I got it home and gauged it. However, this colour was perfect for my Dad and he deserved to have the soft and silky yarn on his head.

This pattern is available for download from my Ravelry Designer page or from my website.

The second new pattern I have to tell you about is named after my friend Rachael. I got some amazing BabyLongLegs yarn and knew it had to be made into a hat for Rachael.

Once I made one, I had to make another for my Dad's wife. Thelma is a gardener and I know that all people who dig in the outdoors need to keep warm in digging weather!

And then I made another one, which I finally got to keep!

Thankfully everyone states they are happy with their hats! Again the pattern can be downloaded from my Ravelry Designer page or from my website.

You may think I went a little bonkers with the hats this year, and you would be right. Rachael's other half, Martin got a hat too.

I used the same yarn as I did for the scarf I made for his birthday last year. I couldn't let him walk the dog with a cold head, when Rachael's would be warm - now could I?

I made my Mum a scarf. She was delighted with it, and I am glad to be able to knit something nice for her. My Mum is allergic to animal fibres and can't wear wool. I made her a PomPon scarf, and she very nearly didn't get it, because I love the colourway.

This stuff is fabulously warm and soft and everyone who makes one, wants to make another. I am no exception to the rule. I knit one for Rachael straight after finishing this one, but didn't get to take a photo because it was seized as soon as I cast off!

As well as the scarf, Mum had put in a request for a bedside holder for her glasses. She claimed to be sick of knocking them off the bedside cabinet every time she tried to find them. I crocheted then felted this little whojamflip and she loved it. She can also put her rings and watch on the tray to keep them safe and sound at night.

I knit a cardigan for my brother, but didn't have time to get a photo before wrapping it up. I have been promised a photo of the cardigan being modeled by it's recipient in the near future. As soon as I have a photo I will share it, because I am very proud of my largest garment to date.

Phew I think that's everything I have to share at the moment. I got lots of goodies for Christmas, but I'll tell you all about them later, because this post is MAMMOTH! Hope you are enjoying your break and save a chocolate for me!


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