Monday 2 November 2009

Poppy Brooch

After my blog the other day on the Remembrance Day poppy I was going to knit, you may be surprised to learn that I did knit a poppy, only it wasn't the pattern I downloaded.

It wasn't until I looked carefully at the pattern that I realised that it was written for sport weight yarn. I didn't have any sport weight yarn in red and black but I did have some DK yarn in those colours. So instead of abandoning my intended poppy brooch I decided to wing it and make my own.

I knit 6 petals and sewed them together. Then knit a black circle, with a few extra rounds without increasing. I stuffed the black centre with toy wadding - I have lots of that around at the moment (for some reason) and sewed it onto the centre of the petals. I attached a badge back to the poppy and attached it to my wrap.

I really like it, it is big, jolly and you can tell what it is. I hope that I get to use it in future years and just make my donation without taking a paper poppy. This means I don't cost the British Legion anything in poppy making materials.


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