Friday 28 August 2009

Back to Blogger & BSJ

ARGHHHHHHH!!! There I feel better now. I had to express the many hours of frustration I have experienced at the hands of my webhosting and probably my own lack of knowledge. I have been unable to get the blog on my new website to work properly. It was all supposed to be so seamless. The Blogger people would send my blog to my website and it would be hosted there. If you came to it would redirect you and it was all going to be soooooo beeyutiful. Alas my brain is now a little bean that has been fried. I have given up and have simply embedded this blog into my website. It ain't pretty but if you go to the website you can access the blog and if you come to the blog, you can click on the links on the right hand side to take you to my web pages.

I'm so sorry this has been such a mess, I promise once our house is re-wired, plastered and decorated (some time in the next 3 months or so) I will grab the other half and I am sure he will make it all better. Until then, you should go back to the old rss feed by subscribing on the button on the right hand side.

Now in knitting news, I actually have a finished item to show you. It is another Baby Surprise Jacket. You may remember I made one for my friend earlier in the year. I have just looked for the finished item on the blog and it was never shown. So better late than never here is the BSJ I made for Eve.

This BSJ turned out a little too large, so I knit this next one on slightly smaller needles. This knit is for a boy (who is yet to arrive, much to his mama's dismay). This one seems a much more realistic size!

This pattern still pleases me immensely and I really enjoy knitting it. I'm sure that many of my friends and family will receive versions of it in the coming years.


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