Thursday 11 June 2009

Pattern Test and A New Watch

I have just cast off and sewn in the ends of my second Romberry Scarf. This scarf was knit using the pattern I wrote, to test it out. I used Louisa Harding's Grace yarn and it was wonderful to knit with.

The colour is wonderful and the variation is very subtle, but not too delicate. This yarn shows the stitch pattern much more clearly than on the first scarf, partly because it is a lighter colour and partly because it drapes much more. The ribbing is much more relaxed, possibly because the yarn is slightly less dense.

I really love the sheen that yarns containing silk produce. You can also see more clearly the crocheted part of the scarf.

I am going to work on tweaking the pattern, following some suggestions made by my testers and hopefully within a couple of weeks, this pattern will be available for download.

For a change of scenery yesterday I met a friend and we went for lunch. Whilst finding somewhere to eat, we came across a stall selling interesting watches. I was very tempted to buy one at the bargain price of £5, but I resisted. However, this watch buying urge, did prompt me into making up my own watch.

I bought all these components at Mary Clare a couple of weeks ago. She had just got in some wonderful new jewellery making stock. I couldn't resist this little collection and had much fun choosing which beads would work together well. I made my watch in around 45 minutes, after having to adjust for length. The result of my work is this:

I am very pleased with my new watch and hope it will go with lots of outfits. I also have quite a few of the beads left to possibly make some accessories to match my new wrist ornament.

I did warn you that the jewellery making would be featuring in this blog again.


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