Sunday 7 June 2009

UK Ravelry Day 2009

I had a wonderful day yesterday. Yes the weather was awful, yes I got cold, wet and tired, but oh yes was it worth it!! My friend Jennie from the knitting group at Borders, was very kind and offered to give me a lift to Coventry. We managed to find the venue and completely by chance parked right next to the ShopMobility. We had brought my wheelchair, but decided a scooter was a much better idea, and it was. I put on my waterproof leggings and jacket and got on board and we travelled through the pouring rain. The very first stall we saw was The Knitting Goddess. After diving into the pile of beautiful yarn, I made my first purchase of the day a 100% Alpaca Lace weight, in semi-solid Slate.

This is a really fine yarn with some beautifully delicate colour variations. The yarn is slightly more grey than the pictures show.

One of the many reasons I was glad that Jennie gave me a lift is that she has made some very beautiful laceweight knitting. Her projects have been a real inspiration and have played a big part in my longing to knit lace. Having Jennie by my side meant that I had someone who knew all about the lace and helped me chose well. One thing I like about lace is how little bulk there is to it and one skein goes a very very long way. Each of the hanks I have bought will probably make one or two projects each!

Next in my list of purchases is from The Natural Dye Studio. I kept being drawn to the blues and purples I am always captivated by, so in a conscious effort I looked at the other colours. To my joy I fell head over heels with a delicate green yarn called Angel.

This is made of Baby Alpaca, Silk and Cashmere and has a soft haze.

After my great purchases, we then went and had a wander round the stalls inside and gawped at RockPool Candy's giant crochet. If you want to see, have a look here on her website. The Coventry Long Draw Spinners were there doing mini teaching sessions, but by the time I got there I was too tired to have a go. I really had intented to try it some time but alas my body, as usual, let me down.

The venue of Coventry's Methodist Central Hall was a good choice. There was just enough room to shelter from the rain and lots of tables and chairs where we could dry off. I also have to say their toasted tea cakes were lovely.

On my way to grab a sandwich from Subway I came across Krafty Koala's stand and bought some lovely Merino/Tencel sock wool. I doubt very much if this will get used for socks as it is too pretty to be hidden away under shoes.

It is very soft and silky with a nice sheen from the tencel.

At this point I was all spent out, or so I thought. Jennie wanted to do one last run round the stalls before going home and she went back to the Yarn Addicts Stall. I totally fell in love with the stunningly soft Exotic Lace yarn from YarnAddicts.

It is made of Baby Alpaca, Silk and Cashmere and it is DIVINE!!! Though is it the same composition as the Angel, if feels and looks quite different. It is a slightly denser and more springy yarn and it cries out to me every time I see it.

I was so in love with this yarn that when they told me they didn't take cards I nearly cried. Jennie offered to put it with her list of purchases and pay by cheque. I was unbelievably grateful and will owe her one for a long time for this. I keep stroking it because it feels so good. I must point out I have already paid her back, but if I had been unable to buy this yarn, because I hadn't brought enough cash, I would have been inconsolable.

I'm afraid I didn't actually take any photos on the day, because I was scared of my camera getting water logged, but thankfully MiffyRabbit took some so you can see how wet it was. My favorite shot is of the pigeons sheltering. I also nearly got some of the sock yarn with silver in it, but had spent up by that point.

This day out was wonderful. Everyone was friendly, and there were lots of familliar faces to chat to. I think this was mainly because most of the Border's knitting group was there. There were lots of people wearing great knits (even if they were covered up most of the time) and everyone seemed really happy to be there. The rain didn't seem to diminish spirits in any way. I wish I could go next year, but think that Scotland is a little out of my travel comfort zone.

I had a great time and can't wait to coo over everyone else's purchases, because I wish I could have bought something from every stall.


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