Wednesday 24 June 2009

Flimsy Yarn

I seem to be spending all my time knitting with teeny tiny strips of yarn these days. I think it is because of my newly found passion for lace weight yarn. My passion could turn to an obsession or it could turn to hate. I haven't quite decided yet. I think I must have knit my Ishbel at least twice, but I still have only managed to get as far as the end of the second chart. I have to do seven charts by the way.

It doesn't look very big does it. That is because all that stocking stitch has been done twice now. The lace border bit, has been done many more times. I am so glad that I found some crochet cotton to use as a life line. The first time I used a life line it was very flimsy thread for normal sewing use. It didn't not let me pick up the stitches because it wasn't strong enough and thick enough to hold the stitches taut. This is why the stocking stitch has been done twice. Now I have the crochet cotton I'm only having to undo a few rows at a time. It doesn't stop it being frustrating when I have to unpick my hard fought over stitches, but at least it is slightly less time consuming.

You can actually see the lace pattern starting to emerge now. I have also discovered that I get on much better with the chart than I do with written instructions. I find it easier to memorise the repeats.

Despite all the frustrations I don't seem to be able to put it down and have been knitting only this for the last week, with the exception of my socks, which are purely for knitting in company. As I went to Borders on Monday, for my knitting group, I churned out some more on my vanilla socks.

The vanilla bit stands for the boring basic pattern with no twiddles (not the colour). I think the colour is more tutti frutti than vanilla. So far these have been great knitting group socks. I hope the heel goes as well.

Whilst at Borders I succumbed to a beautiful bag from Paperchase.

It is waterproof, has a zipped top and a small inner pocket. It will be perfect for carrying around my projects in the winter months, especially with the bright colours to cheer me up. The bag is great, but I don't think it will get much use at the moment, given my current preoccupation with flimsy yarn. All I need for teeny yarn is a tiny project bag. Ah well it can sit in the corner of the lounge looking pretty!

Oh and yesterday I helped Mary Clare set up a Folksy shop for her bags. Hopefully she will add fabric and other bits and pieces soon as she gets more used to the process. In the meantime have a look at what she has put up at Folksy. I really love her bags, and if I hadn't just bought a new bag, I would have had one of these!


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