Monday 20 April 2009

What to do next?

As always, I have lots of projects on the go. This is to ensure that I have things to carry on with, once a project is finished, particularly a big project, like my Bacall. Here is the finished item.

Do you like the the little brooch I found to use as as the clasp? Here is a close up.

I've had this little sparkly item in my jewellery box for as long as I can remember. I have a feeling that it came from my grandmother, and I think it is just perfect for the style of this bolero.

So now this project is all finished and photographed, what do I do next? I know that I have plenty to be getting on with, but my fingers feel like they should be starting something new, now that a large item is finished. The question is, what item gets started?

This week I got several things that could be used to start new projects:-
  1. New wool, found cheap on eBay.
  2. New pattern, to use cheap wool with.
  3. Baby Surprise Jacket pattern
  4. Adult Surprise Jacket pattern.
  5. Wire Jewellery Book, bought for p&p from here.
  6. Bamboo bag handles, from my Simply Knitting magazine subscription.
So lets start with numbers 1. and 2. I have admired a lovely waistcoat, that Clare from my LYS has, for some time. It is knit using Sirdar Peru which is a lovely alpaca/wool blend in non-uniform colourways. The waistcoat is flattering and interesting and I have wanted to knit it for ages, but couldn't justify the cost of the wool. Then Clare told me that the yarn company, Sirdar, wouldn't be continuing with the production of Peru and I began to think again about splashing out on the yarn. Then, whilst browsing eBay I came across a pack of 10 balls of Peru in Blanket Blue, for around half price. Surely this was a sign.

As you can see, I bought it. I then bought the pattern for the waistcoat, from Clare, after coming clean about my eBay purchase. She decided at the price I was paying for it, she should be sourcing her yarns from there!

So now, the requirements for this lovely project are hanging around, waiting to be used. But I think it might be a bit warm for summer, so I am inclined to leave knitting it until the end of the summer, to be in time for the autumn season.

Now for items 3. and 4. I decided to buy both the BSJ and the ASJ at the same time, because I didn't know when I would see the patterns for sale again. I love the concept of taking one piece of knitting and turning it into a garment. All the finished jackets I have seen have been lovely, and I am particularly interesting in knitting the BSJ in the near future. I also have several friends who are interested in doing this as a knit along, which would be much more social.

Item 5, arrived in the post this morning. I had forgotten that I ordered it, but a brief glance tells me that it was a good decision to do so. There are lots of nice projects contained in its chapters.

I may take this book with my to Mary Clare next time I go, to see if any of the beads there inspire me to try one of the patterns.

Finally, item 6, does inspire me to knit another bag. I do love my bags and these handles are a nice size to fit over the wrist. They are definitely filling me with inspiration.

Oh there are so many things I could be doing, I may just end up carrying on with the projects I already have on the go, as they are the ones I should be doing. Maybe I'll postpone making a casting on decision until I have just one more wip off my needles and into the finished pile. I'll let you know what I finally decide.


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