Wednesday 15 April 2009

Project Updates

As promised in yesterday's post here are some pictures of my ongoing projects and some details about my progress. If I don't post this update now, I'll forget where I am and get all confused. Not that it's difficult to confuse me, but I want to stand a fighting chance of staying sane.

I have got to the end of the pattern repeats for my Porom Inspired Scarf. I did 12 repeats of the pattern, which gives a nice length of scarf. I am now adding an edging. I have decided to crochet on the edging because the scarf has been designed to be reversible and if I knit the edging, there will be a very obvious wrong side. If I crochet the edging, then the right and wrong sides are much less obvious, as you can see here:

The is the other side.

It is only the top edge that has been crocheted so far. I am planning on doing at least 3 rounds, but will probably go up to 5. Each round will have an increase in the amount of stitches by adding chains between each treble. I am trying to write up this pattern as I go and once it is finished, if anyone wants it, they can have it, on the understanding that I won't have tested it on anyone.

Next update is for my Sweetie Wrapper Socks. I have managed to knit the heel flap and turn the heel and pick up the gusset stitches. I am now reducing the gusset, which seems relatively straight forward, and then I will knit the leg. I plan to knit until all my yarn is gone, so I don't know how long the socks will get. Again, I am going to try and write up this pattern, simply so I remember what I did this time, as the sock structure seems to be going really well for my foot.

The amalgam of tutorial's seems to be working. The Toe-up Gusseted Heel Tutorial comes from Maia Spins, and seems to be a good fit for me.

Last night I finished the wardrobe for my April Kitty Swap knit and proudly present - Jennifer!

As you can see, Jennifer is sporting a luxurious white fur coat and a fabulously fully lined handbag. Jennifer is also wearing false lashes.

I hope her recipient loves Jennifer, as much as I have enjoyed making her.

As a follow up from last night's post, I have decorated my felted flower a little more.

I added the stamen and some beads are placed around the top edge of the petals, along with needle felting a tiny amount of purple fibre along the same edge.

I tried to hand felt the bangle again today, but seemed to be getting nowhere. To finish the project, I did a felt wash, using the washing machine, and it seems to have shrunk enough to be usable. Once the bangle is dry and the embellishment done, I'll add some more photos. I think my mistake with the bangle was making the fibres too dense. I should have separated out the fibres so it would have been less dense, and had more shrinking room. Wet felting is much easier with very fine layers of fibres, and I will probably only do wet felting on very small scale projects in the future, because of the physicality of it. Still, I am glad I tried this new technique as I feel like I learnt some things from it. Learning new things, is never a waste of time!


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