Saturday 11 April 2009

Ball of Spun Wool

As promised, I took some photos of my set (washed and dried) skein of spun wool.

Doesn't it look pretty. Here's a close up, just because...

I also wound it into a yarn cake, using my ball winder (still love that gadget, even the OH approves of it's cleverness).

And here is another close up, just because. Well actually, it is because, I am trying to practice using the macro function on my camera, and wanted to share my progress. Sorry if it is a bit repetitive. Plus I want to make sure I have my first yarn all catalogued in case I actually use it to knit something, which is a possibility I am playing with.

I used my handy little wpi (wraps per inch) tool to measure the yarn. Remember the tool? I do love this little gadget, and yes I confirm my fibre geekiness, with every posting, I know.

Using this useful gadget informed me that my yarn is, apparently, Super Bulky at 5 wpi. However, as this was my first spinning attempt, there are sections of the yarn that go down to almost DK (double knit).

The weight variation is why I am debating whether to knit up the yarn, because for one thing, it will have an interesting texture, and for another, I just want to knit with something that I have hand spun. If I decide to go ahead, you can expect more pictures, because I am that obsessive.

Oh by the way my Bacall Bolero is coming along nicely. I am on the final sleeve, so I will only have to sew it up, add the trim and the collar. This has knit up very quickly, especially considering all my side projects. I can't wait to be able to wear it.


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