Friday 13 February 2009

Lots of bits and bobs

I have just realised how long it has been since my last post. I have been very distracted this week with lots of "bits" of projects. I feel like I haven't really had a crack at one single project, and I think that is why I have avoided posting. I felt like there was nothing to take pictures of, so I didn't want to write about the lack of progress.

Part of the cause of my project fickleness, is I want to do a felting wash. I wanted to knit some more felted slippers after the success of my crocheted ones. I live in these slippers and they have grown very stretched and need re-felting. I decided that if I had more than one pair, of felted slippers, it would mean I could wait longer between re-felts and maybe have other projects to felt at the same time. I really don't like to run a nearly empty felting load in the washing machine. So, with this in mind, when I read my Let's Knit last month I jumped at the chance to knit the slipper pattern. They recommended Brigantia Needlework for the aran weight wool and I decided to give it a try. They delivered promptly, and for free. When it arrived I was delighted with the yarn as it is springy and soft.

I have knit the slippers, which took no time at all, and I have put them to one side to wait for felting.

I also decided to add to the felting pile by knitting my contribution to Kitty Swap this month, in a pattern that needed felting.

This little kitty is from a pattern called Fortune Cat by Justine Turner. I found the pattern a little confusing at times, but stuck with it, because I loved the little cats on the projects pages of Ravelry. The main thing I hadn't noticed, was there was no part of the pattern for a tail! I will try and knit up a tail before felting.

I went to my knitting group yesterday and found the perfect bead for hanging round this little guy's neck. I was so proud of myself, I only spent 50p at this knitting group, that has to be some sort of record for me!!!

Its a perfect valentine's bead for February's swap.

I also knit alot of sock at the knitting group, but the first one is still not finished. I won't bother taking any more photos until I have a pair complete, but I am really enjoying knitting them up.

I have also made some more progress on my February square for the KAL Blanket. It is looking rather gorgeous, if I say so myself.

And that is about it for my week of knitting. It seems like nothing at all, but it felt like I was knitting like fury all week. Projects are sometimes like that, and then you have lots finishing, all at the same time. I suppose that is what will happen after I finish the felting wash. In the meantime I will continue to knit things for felting. I may try a bag with the lilac wool I got from Brigantia.... watch this space!


  1. Oh, wow, that square IS gorgeous!! Love the color too!

  2. Chrissie- I wanted to blog about last nights knit group - may I copy and paste your picture of kitty from your jan 26th post please? Ang x

  3. Course you can Ang, or I can forward you the link to my host so you can use the source photo if you like.

  4. I'm so glad I am not the only one who is finding this pattern confusing. I'm knitting it now, and I am feeling rather confused about the ears. Pick up stitches from WHAT sloping cast off? What do you mean turn inside out to do the ears? I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to ask the designer or if I ought to just figure it out on my own...

  5. I just picked up some stitches from somewhere on the head I thought the ears should be and hoped for the best. They don't look too weird, do they?

  6. I LOVE your knitted kitties!

    Cheers from another user of fiber therapy for FMS in my case.



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