Monday 2 February 2009

Cables on a Snow Day

Today it snowed. It is all over the news, all over twitter, on everyone's blogs and internet news sites. I felt I had to mention it because it never snows in the UK, and when it does it is BIG news. Its sad but true. In fact our changed weather had such an impact, my cat did not know what to do. She stayed in the house as long as possible and finally succumbed to curiosity about what the white stuff all over her garden was. Once she had left the warmth of the house, she knew she had made a mistake and came to the window to see if we agreed with her, that it was not good outside.

Once she had our attention, she decided that as we were already at the window, we should let her in that way, rather than making her walk the whole 3 feet to the cat flap over the cold snow. When we refused to open our patio doors (did I mention the snow and the cold?) she grew a little desperate and in a frenzy scratched at the window (well it was more of a squeak as she had wet feet).

I tried to be strong, but the squeaking began to get to me after a few minutes and I caved, and opened the patio door. Once inside, she seemed to go into shock and gazed outside in horror at what she had been forced to endure in her brief foray into the wilds of suburban Leicester.

Our cat is a total wimp! She has remained curled up ever since.

Now that my token Snow News element of the blog is over, back to the crafting. I finished my Kidsilk Haze Scarf last night. I really love it, and think the colour is gorgeous. This scarf is the first item in my 2009 Christmas present pile.

I don't have a recipient lined up yet, I think it will be allocated on the basis of a) whoever doesn't see the blog and b) whoever sees the blog but REALLY wants the scarf. I think it unlikely that anyone who sees the scarf now, will remember it by Christmas, but if anyone reading this normally gets presents from me, let me know if you hate it!

I have finally cast on the Cable Cushion Cover from The Knitter which is to be my centre patch for my KAL Blanket project. I am knitting it in this yarn:

I am using 4mm needles so it is the same density as the other blocks for this blanket. The pattern calls for aran weight yarn and 4.5 mm needles so the look and feel of the finished item will be different from that intended, but I think it will look good with the options I have chosen.

I think there is an error in the pattern, apart from that given already on the Ravelry page. I’ve sent my notes to the pattern editor on Ravelry and wait to hear from her, as she works for The Knitter. With my assumed corrections, I am very happy with the way the block is working up. I think this will look fabulous as the centre piece to my blanket. I will post pictures when I have knitted more than the 10 rows I have currently on my needles.

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  1. Poor kitty - you're so mean - LOL! My daughter didn't quite know what to make of the snow either, but my son loves it! Gorgeous scarf and I look forward to seeing pics of your blanket.


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