Thursday 8 January 2009

Updating the World

I haven't been knitting much over the last couple of days. I have been spending hours toying with my computer. This is all because of a new person I met on Ravelry. I read her blog and she mentioned something called Twitter and her arguments for using it were so splendid, I thought I would give it a go.

Once I signed up, I am CraftyCripple on Twitter if you are interested, I then had to find people to "follow". At this point I found the Twitter Knitters on Ravelry and got a few people to follow. The main reason I wanted to get Twitter was to post updates of my status to my Ravelry pages. This is a fab new little feature for Ravelry. The Code Monkey at Ravelry is a very clever chap indeed. It is no wonder the site is still in Beta because he just keeps adding more and more splendid features every time we blink.

The main problem, for me anyway, with adding Twitter to my collection of social sites is that I now spend so much time on the internet being social, I spend very little time actually crafting! So in an aim at efficiency I have found a fab little addon for my browser. It is called Yoono and it sits in the side bar of my browser.

My browser is Firefox, but it also works with Internet Explorer. This handy dandy little gadget coordinates all my social networking in one place. Yoono automatically updates with all the Facebook postings my friends make, including status changes and new photographs. It also updates my Twitter and MySpace accounts both for me and from me. If I used other social sites it could update those aswell. Not only does it take care of updates for me, but if I used an IM I could put that in the sidebar too. I have Yoono check my email and my Google Reader and aswell as all that, I can use too, one of the cleverest things EVER, so I can have music I like while I surf. There are some widgets I haven't explored, but to be honest, the ones I have mentioned do the job excellently.

So now all the time I spent checking and updating my social sites, I can spend crafting! What's the betting, I just waste more time on something new instead. I have always been so easily distracted by the new and shiney!

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