Tuesday 13 January 2009

New Term + Texture Knitting = More WIPs

I had my first knitting and crochet class of the new term this week and we were a very select group of people. There were three of us. I really hope it was just lots of ill people (in a purely selfish way) as I don't want them to cancel this class. The first thing we learned was bobbles. Here is my disgusting little swatch, but I enjoyed learning the way of the bobble and I am sure I will use them during the course of my knitting now.

At college, as well as bobbling, we were also given a pattern for a scarf that should be knit in Kidsilk Haze. I think that is just reckless, encouraging the use of gorgeous, expensive and addictive yarn. When I am at the knitting group at Mary Clare on Thursday I just know I am going to find a couple of balls falling into my open bag (after paying for them of course). It doesn't help that Linda from my knitting class is going and she will egg me on, she is such a bad influence on my spending habits.

On top of the college project, I have had another familial request for knitting. My mother has commissioned some arm warmers. Of course there is nothing on Ravelry to fit the concept my mother has in her head, so off to the drawing board/sketch pad/spreadsheet I go. I really hope the maths will be easier than for the socks! Luckily I have plenty of stash left over from the late lamented Fair Isle Tank Top. I'll keep you posted when I have a concept all worked out (well, cast on anyway).

I have also knit the first square of my KAL Blanket. It is in a hue called "Chocolate", methinks it is of the Dairy Milk variety rather than Green & Blacks but it is a nice colour nonetheless. I have decided to try and block these squares as I go, as there are going to be billions of them by the time I have finished.

During Blocking

after blocking

Neither colour on the above photos is absolutely accurate, but it is somewhere between the two. I love the texture on this square, it makes me think of bark, especially in this colour. I know it doesn't resemble bark very much, but that is what springs to my mind when I look at it. This square will form the base row of the blanket. I have already cast on the next one, as technically I should be aiming to knit around 8 blocks a month. I don't know if this is possible, but there is only one way to find out.

I am afraid I may also have been led astray from my original concept, because I bought the first edition of The Knitter magazine and it is totally gorgeous. The photography is beautiful, as are the patterns, and the thing that caught my eye was the section on cabled cushions. I am very tempted to use one of the cushion patterns for a middle section of the blanket, especially as they included bobbles! I shall have to think about this as it does not look straight forward, but it would be lovely to have a large couple of central panels rather than lots of little ones. With one or two large centre panels, I can hang all the little squares around the nice big centre. If you are interested in the pattern I am talking about, use this link to get a preview of the magazine and you will also see said pattern.

I would definitely recommend the magazine if you are a more experienced knitter as most of the patterns looked pretty tricky and not something I would attempt just yet. I don't think I will be buying the magazine very often, but as it won't be sealed in plastic I will always be able to flick through and buy it if there is a pattern I really want. I am just grateful that I didn't totally fall in love with the magazine, because I buy too many already, I don't need another purchase every month. Thank god for the subscriptions!

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