Friday 2 January 2009

Knitting Recipes

I have started to work on my angora gloves using the i-cord fingers recipe given by Nona Knits. I am really amazed at how simple the principles of knitting a finger are. I started last night and I already have three fingers.

I have labelled the fingers, as recommended by Nona. I can see the point in marking each finger as it is bound to get confusing. I have also seen on the Ravelry Pattern Page that several people have lost their fingers before knitting up the gloves, so I have made sure that they are put safely away in a project bag, with the yarn. I don't to have to knit the gloves twice.

I was right about the yumminess of this yarn. Already the gloves are feeling so soft and snuggly, that I know when they are finished, the gloves will feel amazing. I love the fact that there will be no seams on the fingers. So far this recipe seems to be working out just fine.

With the success of one recipe, I thought I would try another recipe. A few months ago, I started to cast on some socks based on a set of instructions. These socks got abandoned despite my initial good intentions. I have no excuse other than the overwhelming amount of gorgeous yarn I got my mitts on. I frogged the socks and put them on hold. I have now dug out the very first yarn I bought online, and tried again with the instructions. These socks will be more winter appropriate than the ones I frogged as the yarn in nice and thick. These socks will also be plain and simple stocking stitch so I can gauge whether these instructions work. I have swatched up the yarn, and decided that as my foot and ankle do not match, unlike the instructions, I am going to have to jiggle the pattern a little.

I started with a 3mm circular needle and cast on 70 stitches. I then knit 1x1 ribbing for 1.5". Then on the next round I carried on ribbing for 15 stitches and then 3Ptog. I did this another 3 times, which reduced my stitch count down to 58. This reduction is fairly invisible in the ribbing. I have coloured the 3Ptog on this photo. The smaller amount of stitches is at the top of the photo.

After the reduction, I ribbed another 0.5"and then started to knit all the stitches. This has now brought the measurements being used, at the ankle, in line with those laid out in the pattern, i.e. the same width as my foot, less 0.75". I am hoping that the rest of the pattern will work out without any more jiggling. This is what I have so far.


Once I have done the whole sock I will type up the pattern and keep it for future use. I am sure no-one else will want it, because no-one else will have the same feet and fat ankles as me! I still think it is a good idea to write it up, simply for future use, because I really, really want to knit lots of socks.

Edited to Add several hours later......

GAhhhh my maths sucks. My reducing down from 70 to 58 was so totally wrong, I started again. I have now worked out what I hope will work. I will let you know.....

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