Tuesday 23 December 2008

Felting Fun

Now I have handed over my Christmas knits, I am wandering back to my unfinished projects. I decided to felt some bits and bobs. I had a mixed success rate, but the important projects felted well.

The slippers were my favourite result. I was amazed that my ridiculous giant slippers actually felted down to the required size. They are a perfect fit and only took two goes in the washing machine to get to the required size. After moulding them on my feet and stuffed them with a combination of packing foam and paper towels and stuck them on the radiator. They are now keeping my feet toasty warm whilst being as light as a feather. I am looking forward to modelling them over the Christmas break at the in-laws. I think because the slippers are crocheted they are quite thick, even though one strand of wool was used. This means they feel a bit sturdier than they might if they were knit. This is something I will try to remember for future reference.

I love the way the colours turned out on these slippers.

The other success was a little free pattern for a glasses case from Plain Jane Creations. This only took one go through the washing machine and then I shaped it using a nasty plastic glasses case. Once it was dry, I cut up a cardboard inner to keep the glasses a little bit safer and voila.....

And with the flap open....

Both the above projects were knitted in Twilley's Freedom Spirit wool and as you can see, it felts beautifully. Thank goodness I have lots more of this fabulous stuff, as felting is has become a serious itch, that I just have to scratch.

On a less cheerful note, the bag I crocheted for my notions, didn't felt, well most of it didn't felt. The sides felted, but the body of the bag didn't. I don't know how it will turn out, but I shall see what happens as it dries. Maybe the mixed textures will look ok and I will just leave the bag as it is. A photo will follow once the bag is dried and the tie sewn on.

I have also started my Porom Hat by Jared Flood. The lovely raspberry Shetland wool is nice to knit with, but so far I have come across three knots in one 25g ball of wool. I was not too impressed, but I shall overlook it as other than the knots, this wool is fab. The knots did give me an excuse to try a technique I read about on the web, called a Felted Join. It actually is very simple and works amazingly well. I can't find where the ends were when I look back at the wool.

I did a long tail cast on as I thought it was time I tried a different cast on method and I had read that this method produced a nice stretchy cast on. My research proved accurate and I do like the resulting cast on edge.

As well as experimenting with my cast on and the felted joins, with this project, I have decided to try using life lines. I have to confess to having to use them already. This concept is a brilliant one, that I will use whenever I do any lace knitting. If you have never used life lines, here is a link to a video about them.

Having regular life lines has meant that I feel much more confident about knitting this lovely hat, and frogging only a couple of rows at a time is much more palatable than frogging the whole hat.

I think this hat is going to look lovely when it is finished, I can't wait.

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  1. You are definitely a felter now! Your slippers and glasses case are both great, wonderful choice of wools. You get so much knitting completed I am so impressed. It's summer here so I don't do quite so much at the moment, it was 35 degrees Celcius this week, way too hot for knitting unless the aircon is on.


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