Tuesday 18 November 2008

Too many WIPs

I officially have too many WIPS. I went to college last week and pulled out the bag with my college project in it, from my craft box. I packed all the other things I needed to take with me; my library books, my needles and spare yarn, folders of patterns and notes and put everything into my shopper.

Yes I am terribly embarrassing and have a shopper like the little old ladies take round the market. My only excuses are that I have lots to carry, I am poorly and its quite a chic black and grey model rather than a tartan one. I know that doesn't appear much different, but let me assure you it is - at least in my head!

Back to my story, I got to college and opened up the shopper and started pulling out all my stuff until I got to the project bag. I opened it up and inside it was the fair isle tank top from hell! I couldn't believe it, I was so cross with myself. I had just looked at the wool inside the bag and it is of course the same wool I am using for my fair isle bag, which was designed to use the tank top wool. I was very cross with myself as I was unable to work on my current project in class. I obviously have far too many WIPs and I do not want this problem to reoccur and for me to end up taking the wrong project bag when I go out.

I have come up with a solution. In the spirit of Ravelry, I have decided to label each WIP. I have printed out little labels with a photo of the project, and the title so that I can easily see what is inside the bag.

I use bags from Tesco as my project bags most of the time. I do use my Little Acorn Bag but it is only one bag, and it is quite small. The Tesco bags are pretty large as they are designed for shopping, but they can be screwed up small, they are light, smooth, so delicate yarn does not get caught on edges and cheap at 75p each. They have worked very well as project bags but they did cause the earlier mix up because they all look alike. I'm hoping that the new labels, will stop any further confusion.

Talking about my fair isle bag, it is coming along nicely and my tutor is very impressed with my design skill. I hope she is still impressed when it is all finished off and the design written up as I offered her a copy of the pattern. It might be nice to get her input into the pattern writing side of things as she obviously knows what she is talking about, being a tutor and all!

As I have currently too many WIPS I decided yesterday to start another one. It was only a quicky though.

This will be a felted glasses case. The pattern was a freebie from Plain Jane Creations, via her Ravelry page. This lovely lady in Australia writes an interesting blog with great photos and she designs fabulous felted items. I have a link to her blog in the list to the left, under "Blogs That I Like".

Now that this project is all knitted up, all that is required is felting. I am going to make a stack of small items to be felted and do one big session in the run up to Christmas, though I am intending to keep the glasses case for myself.

When I have photos of my felted items I will post them as soon as possible, but it may be a little while before I have enough to warrant turning on the washing machine. Hopefully having one thing finished, will encourage me to get on with some more to add to the pile.


  1. Oh you are so gorgeous Chrissy...was just thinking how clever you are to think of the tags for each project and there I see a glasses case not too much unlike mine lol. I,ll post a pic of it.
    Thanks for the lovely write up xxxxx

  2. What a great idea labelling your WIP's, I think I would need to knock down a few trees to make labels or the many, many that reside in my sewing studio! I think I would start feeling sick when I realised how many there actually are!

    Love your glasses case, the wool is beautiful. Also love your bag, you use great colours. Looks like you have the felting bug now, I love the versatility of felted knitting, it's so soft and strong. Your blog is looking lovely too!

  3. Ruby is a little gem, just returned from our second walk along the beach today, she loves it, she is so pooped now, sound asleep on her sheepskin hammock bed.

    When you look for jumpers/sweaters to felt at the charity shops makes sure they say 'handwash only' and 100% pure wool or you may have a bit of trouble getting it to felt up really well, some just won't felt because they have been chemically treated so they can be machine washed. When sewing them on my machine I use a walking foot (dual feed, top and bottom teeth)which is great for the thickness and also prevents stretching the fabric while sewing. I love felting using my washing machine whether I've knit the fabric or I have thrifted it. Have fun.


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