Friday 7 November 2008

My Name is CraftyCripple and I am a Yarn Addict

Please, someone stop me buying yarn. I cannot help myself I really can't. As soon as I cast on a project with the yarn I have, I find myself buying more yarn for yet more projects. It is definitely an addiction and if I am to live with it, without going bankrupt I am going to have to sort this problem out!

I am going to form a plan of action:
  1. Go through all my magazines and books, scanning all patterns into the pc that I like, or someone I know might like me to make for them one day.
  2. Look at all my yarn and see if any of the projects I have found, requires the yarn I have.
  3. Put matching projects and yarn into my Ravelry queue.
  4. Look at my left over yarn and search out patterns on Ravelry I like, that uses up the existing yarn and add those to the queue.
  5. Only buy yarn if I have cleared at least two projects from either my WIPs or my queue.
  6. When I see lovely yarn that I really want to buy, make a note of it and don't buy it immediately. Take the details home and see if it would fit any pattern that I have in my list. When I have cleared down enough projects, buy the droolworthy yarn in the right amount and at the cheapest price I can find.
Hopefully these steps will help me. I may actually stand a cat in hell's chance of sticking to it. Speaking of cats. Here is the fat kitty I have made for my swap on Ravelry. (If you are my swap partner ( you know who you are!) look away now!

Are you still here ......? I mean it, go away...... ok now the rest of you can see.

I know these aren't great pictures, but you get the general idea. I love the concept of kitty swaps. I really enjoyed knitting my kitty for someone else (who happens to be someone I have already chatted to on Ravelry which makes it even nicer). I also like the fact I will get one in return. My kitty has been made with a big fat belly, after being inspired by my own cat's rotund form. I am particularly pleased with his face. I am looking forward to knocking one of these up every month for someone. Knitting is lovely when you are treating yourself but when it is shared it feels so much better for your soul.

I have also cast on two projects that are designed to be for someone else. I am trying to get cracking on a pile of stuff for Christmas. I really want to try and knit as many gifts as possible this year. I know that I could buy my friends and family the usual tat for the sake of buying it, and this year, and that would be easier, but I am determined to take the same amount of money I would normally spend on them, and buy yarn of the same value and knit something lovely for them. I don't normally spend a lot on people, as I don't have lots of money, but even the small amount I would normally budget can buy some really lovely yarn.

My first project is a Cobweb scarf that I bought the materials for ages ago. I am so pleased with the way this looks. I know how the finished project will look because I have made one of these before but these colours are so much better.

The colour in these second photo is the closest to accurate. Anyone who has seen this project in progress has been very covetous. I think this is a good sign.

Next on my list of things cast on for Christmas is a Wisp scarf. I have seen lots of these on Ravelry and they are beautiful. I know I won't want to give this away, but I must, in order to justify buying the Rowan Kidsilk Haze, which is very expensive (even if I did buy it at 25% off). The photos below don't give a true impression of the colour of the yarn, which is very pale sky blue. It is so pretty and makes me think of clear Autumn skies when your breath appears before your eyes as you walk through the leaves.

This is a nice simple lace pattern but it is giving me enough of a challenge to keep me interested with my first big lace project. You need buttons for this piece, so I have started to make some very light buttons in clay, at college. I hope that they won't dry out too quickly and crack, because they are very very thin. We shall see, I may have to buy some instead, but I felt I should at least give making them a go.

I have also carried on with my fair isle bag. I am so surprised to find myself actually enjoying this project! Obviously the secret to my enjoyment is making something that I want and need, and doing it in the round. I will remember this tip for future hateful projects.

So with all these endless projects going on, I will go back to my original confession about my yarn addiction. As you can see the Kidsilk Haze was the first of my purchases, in addition I bought the most beautiful silk wool from Louisa Harding. I can't wait to find the right project for this yarn and get knitting.

The next purchase was a Twilley's Freedom Spirit in a greenish self striping yarn. I have felted this yarn before and it looks great. I bought six balls as I intend to make a felted bag. I also hope to squeeze a pair of felted slippers out of this batch as well, but we shall have to see if it manageable.

So now you have seen my purchases, I hope you can understand my lack of resolve. They are all really nice aren't they? You would have struggled to walk away wouldn't you. Please, someone, tell me I am not a total addict, I can't bear the guilt any longer!

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  1. Yes chicky they are all gorgeous !! I can not help you at ALL, with your problem. I have similiar problems in my own yarn collection. I have barred myself from entering "Lincraft or Spotlight" til after Christmas due to my yarn addiction.I have been having withdrawls !!!! I sit here having debates with myself about I don't have any of the yarn I need ! Mind you I have a craft room busting at the seams


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