Friday 28 November 2008

More spending the fault of Royal Mail.

I was the only person at my Knitting Group yesterday. I think people may have this cold that I have been battling. It was actually quite nice to just sit and chat to Clare (the owner). She is a lovely lady and I'm very pleased that I have been able to send some people to buy things from her, it can't be easy running this type of shop in the current climate.

I took my Pumpkin Puss to the group and I now have him finished. I bought some safety eyes, which I haven't used before and I think it gives my kitty a sort of sad yet startled look. Clare asked me to bring him back when he was finished. I think she likes him as much as I do. Even my OH got the giggles when I had finished him, and his normal reaction to anything I make is, "that's nice". He's never over-enthusiastic bless him, but then he is never rude either, so I can't complain too much can I?

So what do you think the finished Pumpkin?

Here is a close up.

I hope my recipient likes him as much as I do, or I shall be sad to see him go.

In addition to the eyes, I bought some lovely treats for myself at Mary Clare. I finally succumbed to all the media hype (e.g. Yarn Harlot and Brooklyn Tweed's blogs) I have been watching them churn out the most beautiful Noro 1x1 rib scarves and I have been fighting the urge to join them. Go and have a look and tell me you wouldn't want to make one too! There is a reason there are over 2000 people on Ravelry making this scarf and another 2000 planning on doing so.

I have never knit with Noro and it is the most beautiful looking yarn. However, this gorgeous yarn is also pretty expensive so I have been resisting the purchase like mad. Yesterday I relented and bought two colourways of Silk Garden in 226......

..... and47.

I blame this splurge on the postal service. I know it sounds a bit tenuous but stick with me.... when I was at the Harrogate show I ordered some gorgeous Raspberry Shetland DK wool. It is being sent in the post. They tried to deliver it on Tuesday when I was at college. They did not, however, leave it with a neighbour like they usually do, on the very odd occasion I am out of the house. I have requested they redeliver it today. I am still waiting and as they say they can deliver any time between 7am and 6pm, I have to stay in all day. Of course if it doesn't arrive, then there is nothing anyone can do about it until Monday. ARGGHHHH I hate Royal Mail.

So while I was fuming about the lack of scrumptious wool, for me to knit my lovely Porom hat with, I had a distinct lack of substantial warm woolly knits to make. Every other project is either a bag or wispy and decorative. I was cold, I needed to make something warm, so I bought the Noro wool. Don't blame me, blame Royal Mail!

I also bought some Rowan Tapestry, which I have had my eye on for some time. It was only 2 balls, but I saw a great pattern in this month's Knit Today for some gauntlets. Now it is getting colder I am seeing the sense in gauntlets. My hands are cold, but I need my fingers to knit and type at home. This pattern is a very simple knit and looks lovely in this variegated yarn. I had already decided to use this yarn eventually, so I bought the Tapestry while I was in the shop. I tell myself I am supporting my local yarn store, but really I am supporting my yarn habit. Here is the Tapestry, the colour matches almost exactly my favourite cardy. As you can see, I've already cast on and it is going to be so snuggly to knit.

Oh and whilst I am on the subject of confessing my spending.... I will stop soon honest.... I bought myself a little WPI guide from the internet to help determine what my odds and sods of wool are. Cute isn't it?

Hopefully the next few posts will all be about finishing projects rather than buying new stuff. I need to get things finished off for Christmas, and is it really only 4 weeks away . Oh dear, and I have to get all my presents ready to take to York on the weekend before. Better stop treating myself to pretty wool and get my needles flying.


  1. oh! i just love the kitty! adorable

    and the noro yarn is beautiful! i bought some noro once and just loved it!!! but it is a little expensive for some of my projects!

    thanks so much for your kind comments on my pinky-brown scarf! you are right, it does look like neopolitan ice cream.

    ::: digging thru freezer for ice cream :::

  2. OMG love that Silk Garden wool...I want some !!!!

  3. Noro make fantastic yarns, this particular one is 45% Silk, 45$ Kid Mohair and 10% Lamb's Wool. It is so yummy and the colours are amazing. Don't you get Noro in Aus?

  4. The kitty is beyond cute! It looks so cuddly!

    Your Royal Mail sounds very much like Canada Post. The colonies must have modelled their mail service on it. Frustrating, but without them I wouldnt have tried some of the gorgeous yarns out there so I keep putting up with it.

    Noro and I now have a history, but I havent tried the Silk Garden yet.

  5. I like that wraps per inch gauge, what a great idea, great gift for a knitting friends. Your little pumpkin kitty turned out so cute, you need to make yourself one too.


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